3 Winter descriptions for your next story

Feel free to use any of the descriptions below for your stories, poems, ect.

  1. Snowflakes as delicate as lace twirled down from a perfectly white sky with such elegance and grace that anyone could mistake them as ballerinas in ivory leotards.

2. She pulled a wooly hat over her reddened ears, licked her bluish lips and sauntered through the bitter cold, snow letting out a somewhat satisfying crunch beneath her grey boots.

3. The cold breeze clawed away the sun and huge grey clouds invaded the blue sky. The girl looked up into it’s cold, colourless eyes and her lips trembled as the sky laughed with thunder. There was no doubt about it now. Winter had arrived.

Thanks for reading my blog, leave a comment below 👇 if you liked it and which one you liked! Also feel free to ask questions on any writing tips.

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