Calling all writers and poets, to Penable’s first Thursday poetry competition❤️

This Thursday’s challenge is…….. Dreams! This topic was chosen by the author, poet, writer, fantastic Ritu Bhathal!

Author of Marriage unarranged

Whether it’s a nightmare or a peaceful dream, we want to hear your poetry. You can write about anything connected to dreams.

The judge of this very special competition is an author of many books, Didi Oviatt!!!

She will be choosing the best poem on dreams on the 10th of March, Tuesday, after 12 a.m., When the competition ends.

The results will be revealed on Wednesday.


Send it in before Tuesday 10 March. Write the poem on your blog before the date.

We will judge and give you the results on Wednesday 11 March.

You are not allowed to copy poems from other people’s work.


Submitting your great poems is pretty easy.

  1. Type your poem in the comment section below 👇 . Add your name and click send.
  2. Write the poem on your own blog or website then publish it and send us the link for it in the comment section below 👇. Add your name and click send.

You can choose between these two options,

Thanks, and happy writing! ♥️


  1. Here’s the dreams submission. Thank you for inviting me to share. I appreciate the opportunity.


    You sail ever farther from
    Your reflection wears a little
    I don’t quite remember
    As sharply
    The you who you are
    Versus the you I created
    But I remember
    How you seemed to me then.
    And how you seem to me now
    It’s like
    From someone else’s bad dream.


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    by Manasseh N Ngichu

    Cast thy net to oceans deep
    Oh my child this world so steep
    Look above and you will reap
    All you can please do strip
    Wisdom, knowledge these you’ll read
    And in the end we will meed

    Dream my child and dream again
    And this world shall surely gain
    Not foretold beyond the pain
    For achievement you must slain
    But this world shall surely reign
    Blessing galore on you will rain

    What can’t you do this day I ask
    Unto you I leave this great task
    One day oh child shall glory bask
    Set in mind from dawn unto dusk
    Today’s groans tomorrow’s joy shall mask
    Dream my child, for eminence awaits you

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  3. Here is a suitable dream for a midnight lion. Put aside the other two for this one will surely do.

    The Sun was Shining

    I woke up this morning.
    The sun was shining.
    It made the trees dance in their dappled green dresses.
    A mellow breeze
    Carried the scent of flowers
    Across the unending forest.
    I watched the birds
    Flying between the branches,
    Building nests and impressing each other with their song.
    Beneath the canopy
    Creatures nibbled
    On the verdant undergrowth.
    The whole of nature
    Put on a show
    Of interconnecting magic.

    But, as the bulldozers started up
    And the chainsaws began to scream
    I realised it was merely a wishful dream.

    Opher – 6.3.2020

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  4. the dustings
    by Vanessa Shields

    the wind shows herself 
    by leaning her shoulder on
    purple coneflower petals
    they receive her caress 
    push deeper into earth
    spread roots like stories
    and so dreams lean into the soft shy
    underparts of our arms – a vulnerable 
    garden made of skin

    we are sturdy flowers – coralbells 
    in bloom for flitting hummingbirds 
    weigelas – low-maintenance stunners
    embracing butterfly whispers 
    moving secrets from the wind 
    on their scale-strong wings

    and so dreams choose us 
    by the dustings of 
    wind’s secrets 
    exclaimed on
    verbena lips 
    excavated in 
    the shadows of
    the thriving coleus

    lift up your arms – 
    sentient dreams bloom

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  5. by Rhonda Melanson

    The Edge of Glory

    -The Transfiguration-

    In my dream
    he became my stable star!
    They broke him into spikes,
    hurled him like a battle hymn

    down the craggy mountain,
    screaming Hallelujah!
    So warrior-bent on performing
    their composition, they failed to see:

    his lighted face
    obliterated of features,
    the blank slate terror he needed
    to stand on the edge of glory

    without wings!
    At least, not yet.
    He and I- we required
    our mountain promises

    to build with wood
    a structure that wears
    gracefully all that hangs
    from it. We must live

    on the precipice
    even during those times
    we choose to avoid,
    detach from, describe.

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  6. The Boys from North Carolina

    They have no heart
    – the boys from North Carolina.
    They are humming the Fleetwood Mac song
    – Dreams.
    They are living for the rain,
    the rocks,
    the trees,
    and the fresh grass,
    but not for any ol’ girl,
    especially if the girl is some faraway
    since the boys can observe their native ruby-throats
    from their porch.

    They have no heart
    – the boys from North Carolina.
    They are humming the Fleetwood Mac song
    – Second Hand News –
    while dreaming of
    rolling in the hay
    with their dream women
    who, unfortunately,
    happen to live 4600 miles away,
    but hey:
    at least, they have their native ruby-throats.

    Author’s note: You gotta love North Carolina.

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  7. Victoria Abah
    Poem title: Dreams

    Mysterious as they are
    They are vision of
    The soul.
    If you dream it
    You can be it.
    The visions of
    Your soul
    Made out
    Into reality.
    Come as you are.

    Like a jigsaw puzzle
    So are our dreams.
    We envision
    A world of the
    The laungage of our
    Is called dreams.
    We aspire
    We yearn.
    Our soul speaks.
    Let’s all hear what
    It has to say.

    Rekindle yourself
    Once again.
    Allow your soul
    To be joyful.
    Let your dreams
    Be heard.

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  8. Author: Damian Garside
    Poem: “And Between”


    betwixt and between
    the drawer of
    lost socks
    and the drawer
    of dark dreams

    is where we fall

    the unconscious
    like a great washing machine
    spinning spinning

    but no
    in this cycle

    all our religions of redemption
    and yet here
    no one ever seems
    to come clean

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  9. A megrim crocheted in a whimsical fantasy
    The manifestation of subconscious mind in sleep
    Taking over from conscious speculation of day time
    A break from reality , releasing the tired mind
    As delusions, aberrations wear out the day .

    An expression of wish, that one unconsciously wants
    A phantasm of imagination to look forward
    Clouding the night vision with vagaries, whims that unfold
    From the deep recesses of the mind , illusions unveil
    Hopes, aspirations, that refuse to go away, surface ..

    In the comatose state of the physique , quiescent visions
    Dormant yearnings spill forth in this soporific state
    The body in opiate mode, the brain ebullient

    Dreams are beacons of optimism, soul’s breath

    # Quatorzaine

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  10. That’s alright, we all make mistakes, please just tell me which you would ACTUALLY like to submit and I can delete that. 😁Thanks and the results will come on Wednesday


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