The winner of the poetry competition! 10th of March…..

It’s Wednesday 10th of March! The sun is shining. The birds are singing. And here are the results for last Thursday’s poetry competition!

Last week Penable launched its first Poetry competition and since then has gotten over 30 entries. Thank you to all! We sincerely appreciate the time and effort spent into your poems, it really made it difficult for the judge to decide on a winner!

We asked Ritu Bhathal, the lovely author of the novel, Marriage Unarranged, to choose the topic of our competition and she chose dreams. The participants had to write a poem on either a sweet dream or a nightmare.

Ritu Bhathal.

Many thanks to the judge, Didi Oviatt, the author of many books including: Search for Maylee, Justice for Belle and Aggravated Momentum. You can find more about her here:

Didi Oviatt

This incredibly kind and AWESOME lady agreed to judge my competition and boy, it was a very hard decision.

Didi said,

” Great poetry here! Every poem written feels like the author has carved a piece of themselves and placed it into delicate words! It was really hard judging, as I love each and every poem! Dreams is a beautiful topic, and I’m thrilled to have been asked to choose my favorites this week!”

She has chosen a person who shone brighter than the others, and I can now (excitedly!) reveal the winner,


The winner who wrote a truly beautiful poem on dreams, and who has stunned the judge and I with their verses is……..

Victoria Abah!

Here is what she has written that had captured her praises from the judge:


Mysterious as they are
They are vision of
The soul.
If you dream it
You can be it.
The visions of
Your soul
Made out
Into reality.
Come as you are.

Like a jigsaw puzzle
So are our dreams.
We envision
A world of the
The laungage of our
Is called dreams.
We aspire
We yearn.
Our soul speaks.
Let’s all hear what
It has to say.

Rekindle yourself
Once again.
Allow your soul
To be joyful.
Let your dreams
Be heard.

Victoria Abah.

Massive Congratulations to Victoria, we loved every meaningful verse!

You can find out more about her and her poetry in her blog,

Now for the runners up

Congratulations to our runners up!

1. Ameya Bhat

Find his brilliant poetry here,

2. Mark Tulin

Mark Tulin

Find his brilliant poem here,

A California Street

3. Simon Goulet

Find his poetry here,

To all the participants, thank you so much for submitting your poetry! Check out my blog every Thursday for upcoming competitions, because who knows-maybe you’ll be our next winner! Keep writing and stay motivated-


Midnightlion, AKA, ME. πŸ’–



Libba Bray

22 thoughts on “The winner of the poetry competition! 10th of March…..

  1. Thank you for this. This has really encouraged me to put out more of my works no more hiding (damn that’s going scary) I hope with this I gain some support because honestly this is all new to me. Thank you once again I will start to believe in myself I promise 🀞

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  2. I won’t! I have made a promise to myself I will earnestly put more effort in getting my work out there. If someone could read my work and relate and have a starting point to talk about their emotions then I’ve done a grand job. Cause if you deep it we don’t really acknowledge our emotions because we’re to busy with not being left out of life the moving current drowns alot of us.. Ooouuuuuhhh ding ding ding ding I got something to write πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― thank you once again and I will keep an eye out for the competition

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