Poetry Thursday competition #2


It’s Thursday and that only means one thing, Penable’s second writing competition!

Love to write!

Last week, over 30 people entered our first competition and only one won. And so the winner has agreed to kindly choose the topic of today’s comp,

Victoria Abah, the first winner!

Victoria has chosen a beautiful topic, water. From oceans to rivers to water falls to rain, we want to hear your poetry.


So hand it in, writers this is your chance to show your talent!

What do I have to do?

Can someone explain???

We want you to write as many lines as poetry as you want and send it before Tuesday 17th March. You can only submit one poem. You cannot copy other people’s work.

How do I submit my work?

Part of submitting is to follow Penable and tell at least two people about this Comp.

It’s easy, either submit your entry by typing your name and poem in the comments below or give us a link to your site which has the poem.

Note: please write according to the topic above.

Results will be revealed on Wednesday, until then, have fun!

Can I submit more than one poem?

No, please stick to one.

Is there a prize?

Some competitions on Penable will have prizes, we’re working on it, maybe!

Can I become a judge?

We choose judges who have many, many followers or are authors. So if you are an author or have many followers, then please let us know as you may have a chance to be a judge next Thursday!

Can anyone choose the topic for the next competition?

No, you must be a winner of the last comp to choose the topic for the next one.

Can I tell other people who are not on WordPress?

Sure. We would love it if you spread the news about Penable, whether on Instagram, Facebook or twitter or even on your own blog!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope you enjoyed it and enter!

43 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday competition #2

  1. Meanderings.

    We journeyed for miles
    And miles,
    Drinking in God’s beauty
    From mountain
    And sea.
    We stopped,
    Stealing images-
    Insignificant reproductions-
    Trying to capture so much Grace
    And love
    And movement,
    Barely able to contain
    The grandeur of
    What our eyes beheld,
    What our hearts breathed in,
    What our bodies experienced.
    Stoney leviathans
    Culled by time and tide:
    What ancient stories
    Could they tell?
    What sonnets of
    Of love or woe?
    Without words
    To rhyme
    Or make verse,
    What archaic songs
    Could they sing
    To the cadence of
    Water-crashed cliffs
    And windswept banks?

    Steel and asphalt
    Cutting swathes into
    Mother/Father God’s
    Leaving behind a dowry of
    Human waste
    And mindless clatter.
    We stood overlooking
    Stone and sea,
    Silently praying
    To whomever would answer
    To preserve the inheritance
    Of titans and demi-gods
    For our progeny
    Who may yet never behold
    The magnificence of
    Gaia’s bounty.

    Grand giants loomed over us-
    Hoary warriors of leaf and bark-
    Singing to us ancient melodies
    Carried on the wind
    Only heard by birds and other winged creatures.
    Listen with ears to hear
    And partake of their battle hymns.
    March with them
    And on
    And ever on
    To the future
    Of whispered promises
    And half-dreamt dreams.

    I fell in love
    And love
    And love again-
    With you and me and us
    In our stillness
    As we witnessed
    Earth in grand rotation,
    Sunbathing her blues and greens
    And gentle browns.
    I died in that love,
    Dashed on elder rocks
    Thrashed in thorny seas
    Plummeted into the womb of mother earth
    Drowned like some magnificent treasure
    Of pirates and brigands and cutthroats
    Till one day-
    Slumbering in her cold enfoldment-
    Might wake
    As siren
    Or undine
    To lure you into my spell once more


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  2. Synergy

    The synergy of gasses;
    The synergy of life –
    Expressed in droplets
    That glisten in the sun;
    A beacon in the universe.

    Fine droplets,
    Creating rainbows
    Of delight;
    The essence of love.

    Every wave that crashes on the shore,
    Every stream that trickles,
    Every raindrop that falls,
    Is an expression of that mystical essence.

    For within us all
    Lies that iridescence
    Of spiritual rainbows,
    That flow and sparkle;
    Born of a synergy
    From which
    We are its greatest expression.

    Opher – 13.3.2020

    Here’s my entry – I have invited a number!

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  3. Poem: Marina
    Author: Damian Garside


    every nook
    and cranny

    from gurgling stream
    to rapids
    and waterfall

    I tongue-kayak and

    the whole of

    from first droplet to
    where your river meets the sea

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  4. Part-Mermaid
    By vanessa shields

    I know I am part mermaid 
    when I deep-dive into 
    the crisp-cold water 
    of lake erie 
    my hands stacked 
    my arms outstretched
    my torso curving to meet 
    the gentle bends of 
    the sandy bottom
    my legs tight-muscled
    my feet pointed     
    the water propelling 
    me forward 
    my skin slick
    with memory

    my breath

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