Black rivers, a poem by Lucy

There I was, scrolling down, examining poetry posts on WordPress when I came across a delightful poem called Black Rivers. The title intrigued me and I clicked on the post made by a lovely blog, Lucy works. Line after line, I tumbled into the scenes, amazed with my mouth open in awe. And so I am going to share with you the must read poem by Lucy!!

Black Rivers

Do not look at the black night
In the whitecap of the storm,
And then when it comes to dreams,
Do not speak of them to me
For I lived in the years before.
Strands in the lust of blood
Into the twilit road at night
The first fleet dead, slayed
At Octavian’s feet,
And it was in the leaves
Untinged by the wind;
They do not know what it means
Like the first wave of ashes
Into the chrome of darkness,
Still blinking into the ice
In the shape of dead land
By the black rivers in the world,
For it means anything else,
Where every impaled dream
Shouted to the seeking,
To the vision, to the tribal births
In beauty abandoned,
Where no one else can go
Speared by terror and death.
Wrapped into begotten mists,
We invite merely the first blow
The first chill, but not the first consumed
Into forgotten paved roads,
Where we thought we had seen it all,
But not into the dark wombs
Red and dusty in creation
Collected in the feeble rain
By the black rivers in the world.

By Lucy, Lucy works.

I mean I am gobsmacked! Who reading this isn’t? I absolutely loved it, thank you Lucy.

Readers, please comment down below how you found this poem!

Published by H.R Phoenix, Author

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