Thursday poetry competition #2 the winner!!!

Last week we had our second Thursday poetry comp and there were so many lovely poems to choose from.

The topic, chosen by the last winner, Victoria Abah, was water and the contestants had to write a poem related to that, rivers, oceans, waterfalls and everyone’s poem was unique and beautifully written. But one person stood out amongst them all.

Victoria Abah who was also the judge (find her brilliant poetry here: Vicky’s world of poems) had a difficult task choosing the winner and read each poem carefully. She did a fabulous job and now I reveal the winner!

The winner of Penable’s 2 poetry competition is….

Vanessa Shields!!

Victoria Abah said, ‘She brought the poem to life. Love the use of the mermaid and the description of crisp cold water. I know that feeling all too well.’

Congratulations Vanessa! Here is what she wrote that had stunned the judge and me:

By vanessa shields

I know I am part mermaid 
when I deep-dive into 
the crisp-cold water 
of lake erie 
my hands stacked 
my arms outstretched
my torso curving to meet 
the gentle bends of 
the sandy bottom
my legs tight-muscled
my feet pointed     
the water propelling 
me forward 
my skin slick
with memory

my breath

Well done for winning Vanessa ๐Ÿฅ‡๐Ÿฅ‡๐Ÿฅ‡.

Now for the runners up!

Maggie Ruch

Victoria Abah said, ‘Maggie Ruch – I love the line ” what ancient stories could they tell”‘

Here is the link to her lovely poem:


He has written lovely lines on a poem called Synergy. Opher, please send us the link to your poem next time.

Thank you to everyone who entered! We appreciate the effort you put in your poems and we loved every one of them. Remember to enter again to have another chance to win!

Published by H.R Phoenix, Author

H.R Phoenix is the creator of Penable. She likes to inspire people to write and is an author, editor, proofreader and illustrator. She is currently working on her mystery/thriller debut novel. When she's not working on a short story or writing awesome Penable Posts, she enjoys spending time painting, reading or hanging out with her two cute kittens...

5 thoughts on “Thursday poetry competition #2 the winner!!!

  1. NO WAY!!! THANK YOU! Such a grand surprise this Wednesday morning! Thank you Victoria and the penableme team!!! I’m super honoured! Thanks for having this contest! I look forward to the next one. I’ll post this announcement on my blog/socials and see if we can get some more folks to participate! Thank you!

    (I’m having trouble posting my comment on your site…my fault…can’t remember my passwords!)

    but thank you!!!!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re welcome Vanessa, it was an honour to have you as a contestant and the judge made a splendid choice! I’m glad you are so happy and as a prize, would you like to choose tomorrow’s Thursday poetry competition as well as judge it? Please let me know and thanks for entering! ๐Ÿ˜Š


  3. Hi Vanessa, it’s Thursday, would you choose the topic for this poetry competition? Please tell me before 10.a.m please or I’ll have to choose someone else…..


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