Poetry competition #3 – the winner….

It’s Tuesday already! The week has zoomed past so quickly! I hope you’re all safe and well and ready for the results of our third Penable Poetry competition!!!

The challenges was to write a poem from the view of a blind man and has captured many entries. I’ve written one myself called Colourless and you can check it out on here:


So without further ado, here is the results!

The winner is…..


She has stunned me with her beautiful verses and here is what she wrote!

A delightful world:

Each day I wake up,

I may not be able to see

But I am in love with the beauty

Of who I get to be

In this vast universe

My tiny world is unknown

But I’m blinded by my pains

When there is so much to explore

I cannot see the world

Like others around me do

But I can feel its magic

Like a dream coming true

The warmth of the sunshine

On my quivering cold skin

An absolute wonder to feel

As it caves me in

The chirping of the birds

I hear every single day

I cannot really see them

But I can hear what they say

The dazzling smell of nature

That proliferates all around

The freshness of the grass

As I lay on the ground

The taste of the sweet berry

A mystical kind of flavour

I may not see the colour

But the taste I can savour

These salient four senses

Are what keep me alive

In this delightful world

Where I live and strive

By: SaaniaSparkle

First of all, beautiful name, second of all, beautiful poetry, who doesn’t agree???

The runners up are…


Jonathan Caswell!

Jonathan Caswell

2. Victoria Abah!

Winner of the first comp!!!

To find their amazing work, head to this link and scroll down to the comments section!


Thank you to everyone who participated and submitted your poems, we loved each and every one of them! Thank you to everyone who is reading this for taking the time to read and don’t forget to enter the next comp which will come on Thursday! Please share, like and follow Penable.

To all the participants or people wanting to enter, this Thursday we will have a poetry and short story competition! I can’t wait, until then, stay healthy and safe and share this post!!!

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