Vampires lurking – a short story….


As a big fan of thriller, I jumped for joy when I saw a challenge asking to write about it and thank goodness it wasn’t too late. You can find more about it here,

So here is my submission for the challenge and I thought I’d share it with you all, enjoy!


Kat looked around frantically. Around her were mountains and howling wind and the vast night sky. In the moonlight, snowflakes pirouetted down elegantly and landed on her well worn boots. You deserved it Kat, she told herself. Why did you have do seperate yourself from the rest of the scout group?

“It wasn’t entirely my fault” she argued aloud then realised there was no one to hear it and plunged back into silence. She took a few more steps and shivered. If she was listening earlier, she would’ve known where the scouts will set up camp. With reddened fingers, she adjusted the wooly hat on her head so it capped all her auburn hair, looked ahead and gasped. Beneath a thick blanket of whiteness, proudly stood the mouth of a cave. Kat stumbled over to it, peering in the darkness of the rocky entrance and smiling. Instinct took over and she ran inside, overjoyed to escape the bitter cold that clawed at her like a ravenous lion. The cave floor was mercilessly adorned with scattered stones and pebbles and the only sound that arrived at her strained ears were the echos of her own footsteps. Dampness hung in the warm air and it reeked of obnoxious scent that could only belong to a deceased animal. Now Kat began to feel afraid. In fact she was trembling in fear. Suppose a creature lived here and would devour her alive. Each step she took felt like she was walking to death. When she looked back, there was nothing but pitch black. Oh goodness, she thought. I’m so dead!

Then she heard voices. Then she saw light. Then she let out a squeal of delight. Then she ran. In the rocky ceiling, there was a long crevice from where the almost blinding white light from the moon danced across the cave floor. There stood three people. Their backs were turned away from Kat and they were talking in low voices.

“So what are you going to do with him?” whispered a manly voice that belonged to the first, tall figure. “It’s none of your buisness what I do with him, Luther!” snapped a lady with purple eyelids, curling her long fingers into a fist. The first man, named Luther smirked. “Well maybe you’re not telling us because you don’t have him Elena.” he growled. Elena raised a finger. “Of course I have him Luther, I just don’t have to tell you my whole life story”

“But it’s not your whole life story, is it?” asked the third person as Elena rolled her jade coloured eyes. “We just want to know how you’re going to punish a nosy journalist.” he prodded Elena’s arm. Elena smiled sweetly, stepped forward and smacked his face.

“No one tells me what to do Damien. You here me? No one.” She stepped back and glared. Damien raised his head and pulled back an arm. Then Luther stepped in between the two of them. “What do you think you’re doing? Don’t you dare Damien!”

Damien stepped back into the shadows.

“Tell us Elena, we don’t want this to end badly,” Luther said in a calm but warning tone. “Unless…. You don’t have sympathy for the nosy human, do you Elena?” “Of course not!” snapped Elena quickly, examining her ebony nails. “She does” Damien nodded.

“Did I not smack you hard enough, Damien?” shouted Elena.

Damien rolled his eyes. “You call that a smack? I thought you hit me with a feather!”

“Not even a feather would want to touch your disgusting face” sneered Elena.

“I do wish you would both stop bickering!” groaned Luther. Elena gave him a fiery glare. “And I wish that you would go to hell, but I think you’re already there.” Before Luther could open his mouth again, Elena carried on, pulling her blood red lips into a big grin.

“Let’s focus on the real topic, why the Lord Von Dracula sent us here.”

“Now you’re just changing the subject.” sneered Damien. Elena feigned surprise. “So you are not going to obey our lord’s order?”

“I didn’t say that” Damien said quickly. “You want to be punished for not fulfilling our quest?” Elena carried on, her smile growing wider with every word.

“Fine.” shouted Damien, then a puzzled look spread across his skinny face. “What did our Lord order again?”

“He told us three times!” tutted Luther. “We’re meant to catch all the snow scouts who are camping here tonight.”

“What did you think we were doing, dummy?” inquired Elena, “Looking for polar bears?”

“Very funny” muttered Damien, his black eyes scanning the cave floor. “So if the Lord ordered it, why haven’t we fulfilled it yet?”

Elena smacked a hand onto her forehead. “Because someone started a pointless argument,” she looked from Luther to Damien. “I wonder who that was?

Luther cleared his throat. “Let’s do it then, I heard that the snow scouts are in a cave”

“Oh thanks genius!” exclaimed Elena, gritting her teeth, “That really helps Luther, a cave, WHICH CAVE?”

“Well you didn’t let me finish” said an annoyed Luther. “The bats have reported that the snow scouts are sleeping in a cave at the bottom of an icy path behind this cave.” he cast a glare on the other two. “Now unless anyone else wants to share some more news, let’s get going!”

Kat began to feel afraid. In fact, she was terrified. So terrified that she was frozen to the spot. Who were these strangers? And what did they want with the snow scouts? Her eyes grew wider as they began to talk again.

“Damien, you’ll sneak in and take one corner, Luther you take the other and I’ll stand at the entrance, the little brats won’t have a chance to escape” spat Elena. “Who made you the boss?” Luther and Damien said together. Elena smirked and cracked her knuckles. “It’s better than having you coconut dummies.”

Luther growled. “I wouldn’t be with an obnoxious person like you if I wouldn’t get blood tonight”

“Oooooooh” cooed Damien. “Where did he learn such a big word like obnoxious?”

“Shut it, both of you” snapped Elena and Kat heard her glossy high heels take a step. “There’s 33 of those snow scouts brats, we’ll take 11 each. Bite them firmly boys, Lord Von Dracula wants a whole army of vampires”

Vampires? A shiver ran down Kat’s spine. The air around her was now so chilled that it hurt to breathe. Her heart was beating rapidly, nearly breaking out of her rib cage and she breathed out shakily.

There was footsteps. They came closer. Kat closed her eyes firmly. The footsteps grew louder. Then she felt someone’s cold breath on her neck. “And what are you doing out here by yourself?” Elena whispered softly in her ear. Kat blinked open her eyes and gasped as she took in every detail of the woman before her.

Elena was slim, dressed in a spotless scarlet two piece suit, a velvet purple cape cascading down to her tall high heels. She had high cheek bones, shiny ivory skin like snow and two sharp, dagger shaped incisors protruding over her lips. Elena smiled and pushed dark hair out of her face then loomed over the timid Kat like a mansion.

“Ey!” yelled Damien. “The midget was listening to our conversation.” Luther gritted his teeth. “Let’s take her to Lord Von Dracula.” he snarled. Elena laughed.

“No boys” she said gently. “We want to teach her a lesson here. She kneeled down to Kat’s height and ran her black pointed nails over Kat’s cheek. She did it again.” See boys, children have the juiciest, tastiest blood.”

Kat shrank back meekly and stammered, “Please miss, I want to go home.”

Elena chuckled, swiped a tongue over her fangs and then pierced Kat’s cheek with her nails. “I used to be a child once” she whispered. She dragged her fingers down and warm blood rolled onto the cave floor.

“Yes I remember being a little girl” growled Elena, pulling Kat closer and her eyes narrowed.

“And I hated it.” she stroked a thumb over the reddened mark on Kat’s pale cheek and a droplet of blood expanded on her thumbprint. She licked and her face illuminated. Then she stepped back, sucking her thumb. “Bite her hard boys” she ordered. And Damien and Luther cornered Kat against the rocky wall. “Any last words?” they asked together, smiling like Cheshire cats. Kat gulped down the word ‘Help’ and closed her eyes. She felt scared and angry. If she hadn’t been so curious, she wouldn’t have gotten lost. She wouldn’t have stumbled into a cave. Where vampires were lurking.

The end. I really hope you enjoyed that short story, and I would love to have feedback in the comments section!

Thank you for taking the time to read this tale and stay safe and indoors everyone!!!

Published by H.R Phoenix, Author

H.R Phoenix is the creator of Penable. She likes to inspire people to write and is an author, editor, proofreader and illustrator. She is currently working on her mystery/thriller debut novel. When she's not working on a short story or writing awesome Penable Posts, she enjoys spending time painting, reading or hanging out with her two cute kittens...

6 thoughts on “Vampires lurking – a short story….

  1. Thank you! It’s great fun creating evil characters, I love Elena too, I’m so glad you liked my short story, I was afraid you didn’t….
    So as this is my first challenge, what will happen at the end of the month???

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  2. On the last day of the month I post my own scene, and I link in yours 🤩🤩

    I do love it!! Evil characters are my forte too (mostly serial killers) I’ve never written vampires tho! Could be interesting 🤔

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