A Penable course: Writing a book #5 – CREATING VILLAINS

I have to say, I am super proud of all you who have sticked with this course from the start and there are only three more courses in the journey to finishing your book left! So in the third course I showed you how to create lovable characters and I did a little bit at the closing about villains. But they are really important to the book and I have so much to say on that topic so I decided to dedicate this post to VILLAINS.

Mwa hha haha ha ha!

There are different types of villains:

  1. You have those bad guys who know nothing and are soooo super dumb and your main character defeats them effortlessly.
  2. You have those who just like to kill… For fun!
  3. You have those really bad bad guys who have super powers, are creepy, and have a messed up body – like voldemort from Harry Potter.
What a nose!

Well the most part of writing a book is creating a villain. You can play around with them like toys and make them traitors and create plot twists with them (You can check out more on plot twists in my last course). I find villains very intriguing to write about. They can be from all sorts of backgrounds and I really think that a story isn’t a story without these bad guys or girls.

Remember, whoever said they can’t be humans? You could have aliens, creatures, or whatever you wish!


Every villain has a backstory. Before you create your villain, you should think about this. Why are they bad and evil? Did they have a bad upbringing? Had something happened in their childhood? Did they get attacked? Lose their parents at a young age and now is hungry for revenge?

Maybe your main characters parents had a bad time with your villain and did something to them that affected their life and now they are taking it out on your main character? Everybody loves a really, really good backstory. Be sure to make it intriguing for your reader.


How do I Create my villain? That’s what this section is about.

First pick a name. You could choose a normal name like Jack. But that isn’t really… It doesn’t say Villain.

You want either a really weird name or a really rare one that nobody uses or you could make up a cool yourself!

In a short vampire story I wrote, you can see they are vampire type of names that suit them. Like Elena, Damien and Luther.

Regarding making one your own, I just get a bunch of random words and play around with them till I find one I like and think is cool. Here are some words you can mix up:







Okay, all I got was fishface and plutopie. I admit, I am really, really bad when it comes to mixing words together for villain. Ah! I got another one… Hatlego. Actually Nope. Just no. I’m so bad at this! Anyways just mix up some words together and I want to hear what you come up with! You’ll surely be better than me at it! Remember, it doesn’t have to be evil. If your villain is in disguise as a poor man or neighbour, you might want to choose a really uncool name. In another book I’m writing, I have disguised my main bad guy as a dumb little man called Henry Butterfingers. Make it as ridiculous as possible if you want!

Okay, now that you probably, hopefully have a great, fantastic name, we’re going to move onto the next step, designing them. I’ll assure you, this part is going to be fun!

So you want it scary, see how J.K Rowling created voldemort (pic above, you can’t miss it!)? Snake like nose, greyish face, veins showing on his head, sunken eyes, brown, broken teeth. She obviously didn’t dress him for a ball. She dressed him as a really evil guy. First I’m going to jot down some words to describe my evil character, you can do the same:

  • Smoothed back hair (you could make them really evil, but they don’t have to look the part!)
  • Bony face
  • Square shoulders
  • Dark blue eyes
  • Small mouth
  • Thin lips
  • White teeth
  • The tip of an elephant tusk around his neck

Now put it into a paragraph, using similes, metaphors and sprinkle it with detail.

Here’s mine:

He put a white hand to his head, smoothing back his perfectly black hair, wet with hair gel and smiled with that small mouth and stern lips of his. I grimaced in return. Swinging gently from his neck is the ivory tip of an elephant tusk. He shrugs his square shoulders when he sees me staring and I look back at his awfully bony face with piercing dark blue eyes. Extra saggy skin hangs off the bottom of his cheeks and at that moment I decide that he might even be an elephant himself.

Now time to decide how they speak. Yes, this is important too. Do they speak in a rich, deep voice or a achingly quiet one? Do they speak in a calm, scratchy voice or do they shout all the time?

After you’ve done that, think about which section of the book you are going to reveal the bad guy/girl/creature. In the end? Or if they are really close to your main character like a friend or a neighbour, you could reveal their real identity at the end of the book for a creepy cliffhanger.

Using villains in plot twists:

Plot twists. The last course was on this. You can check out more on it:

Click the button above and scroll down. It will show you how to use villains in plot twists. Enjoy!

I do hope that I covered most of the stuff on villains and please join us tomorrow for the next course: MAKING IT TASTIER.

And of course I wouldn’t let you go without homework!

Homework: I want to know your favourite villain of all time, your story villains name, a description on them and a plot twist with them.

Thanks for joining us today and stay safe everyone!!!

(Please give some feedback on how you are finding this course!)

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43 thoughts on “A Penable course: Writing a book #5 – CREATING VILLAINS

  1. I don’t have any favourite villain.
    I like so many.
    In a comic manuscript I wrote, there is this villain, I named him Draconda. Draconda and his gang plan on stealing a powerful medallion.
    I gave him a beast-like appearance. 😁

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  2. First of all, I love Maleficent as well 😍 And second of all, OH MY GOD!!!!! Thank you a trillion times!!!! I absolutely love your blog too and you’re an amazing human being as well!!!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve never heard of an awesome blogger award so I’ll go check out that link right away. You have made me sooooo super happy. Lots of love,
    Phoenix πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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