A Penable course: Writing a book #6 – MAKING IT TASTIER

Wow! We’re nearly at the end! Just two more courses after this one and hopefully, your lovely novels will have all the help it needs to be written. Thank you so much for joining us for the 6th course, if you haven’t started from course 1 then please go back and start from the beginning because it contains important tips for your book. Without further ado, let us start. Welcome to course #6, MAKING IT TASTIER.

Okay, by making it tastier, I don’t actually mean making it more yummy but making it nicer.

First we’ll start off with vocabulary. Every now and then, search up the synonym for a word you use regularly. (I absolutely love doing this). Then you can impress your readers and make the story more intriguing.

Here’s an example:

Synonyms for hate.

So just jot down some words to substitute for the really dull ones like: Nice and beautiful, you could say pleasant and alluring.

Okay, noe that we’ve got that sorted, we’ll move onto speech. There are many words in the world, but everyone only writes said. Be creative. Their is life beyond said.

Check out this list below:

Mutter, Murmur, mumbled, gasp, whisper, says, giggles, laughs, tittered, shoutes, bellowed, screams, roared, screeches, yell, holler, snapped, cry, wail, pleaded, interrupt, put in, uttered, announced, declared, demanded, ask, question, inquire, reply, respond, answer, added, observed, continued, mentioned, retort, claimed, insisted, suggested, implied, revealed, offered, convey, confirmed, proposed, assumed, thought, argued, soothed, consoled, comforted, assured, reported, admitted, acknowledged, confess..

I’m running out of breath! (sarcastic comment) I could go on all day long, but I think you’ve got the point; there are more words to use other than said. If you really want to use said or any other word, make sure you put it in properly with adjectives and verbs.

For example:

“What did you say?” Kat hollered down the hall.

“I said” Mary paused, whipping around. “Don’t talk to me again”

“But it wasn’t my fault” Kat argued, rushing to her friend’s side and tapping her arm gently. “Please forgive me Mary”

Mary looked down, unsympathetic, and snorted. She narrowed her eyes and snapped, “Kat… I will never forgive you”

“Oh don’t be like that Mary!” Kat said with a sigh. “Let’s be friends again.”

“No” Mary said coldly. “Now go away.”

See that? I made it interesting by not only saying said. I typed said coldly, which is more effective than plain old said. I also used other words like hollered, argued, snapped and paused.

Now let’s… Describe sentences, make them better and more effective. Here’s an example:

The porridge was unappetising.

This is a good description of porridge, but try to make it better:

The porridge had cooled to a gelatinous gloop that reminded me of frogspawn.

Whoopee! Does that sound better? I’m sure you’ll agree with me…

A horrid face.


A face like squashed pumpkin.


Next step. Let’s use oxymorons. An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which two opposite ideas are joined to create an effect. Like:

Terrifyingly delicious. Or deafening silence.

Let’s put it into sentences:

Her cooking is amazingly awful.


Jumping on the trampoline straight after a meal is weirdly normal in our house.

Okay, I think you got the concept of oxymorons and there are some really deep and incredible examples of them out there, so just search oxymoron examples. Or just click 👇

For some pretty nice examples.

We are now going to move on to compounds. Here are some examples of compound words in bold in these sentences:

She was a short, cherry – lipped girl with a wide grin.

He was fiery- haired with no manners at all.

There she lay, dead, hair fanned out on a blood – smeared pillow, pain speckled in those brilliant blue eyes of hers.

She crossed the road miserably and continued to walk on the rain- slicked pavement.

I hope those were good examples. So compounds are just basically comparing.

How do I make my reader not lose interest in my book till the end?

  • Make your reader wonder, put a question into their minds
  • Story getting boring? Time for a natural disaster. Get your characters running for their lives…
  • Introduce an interesting character…
  • Add loads of plot twists!
  • Sprinkle in some suspence
  • Make your reader suspect a character
  • Kill someone off
  • Start an argument between the two main characters
  • Your main character/s walk right into a trap
  • Start a chapter with: My name is Hannah. And yesterday, I became a murderer. Ooooh, gives me a chill!

Humor time!!!

Okay, even some serious murder novels are sugared with humor. I absolutely adore stories with humor. Not too much and not too little, just right. If you have an argument between two characters, put in a few lines of humor! Here is an extract from a short vampire story I have written:

“Tell us Elena, we don’t want this to end badly,” Luther said in a calm but warning tone. “Unless…. You don’t have sympathy for the nosy human, do you Elena?” “Of course not!” snapped Elena quickly, examining her ebony nails. “She does” Damien nodded.

“Did I not smack you hard enough, Damien?” shouted Elena.

Damien rolled his eyes. “You call that a smack? I thought you hit me with a feather!”

“Not even a feather would want to touch your disgusting face” sneered Elena.

“I do wish you would both stop bickering!” groaned Luther. Elena gave him a fiery glare. “And I wish that you would go to hell, but I think you’re already there.” Before Luther could open his mouth again, Elena carried on, pulling her blood red lips into a big grin.

“Let’s focus on the real topic, why the Lord Von Dracula sent us here.”

“Now you’re just changing the subject.” sneered Damien. Elena feigned surprise. “So you are not going to obey our lord’s order?”

“I didn’t say that” Damien said quickly. “You want to be punished for not fulfilling our quest?” Elena carried on, her smile growing wider with every word.

“Fine.” shouted Damien, then a puzzled look spread across his skinny face. “What did our Lord order again?”

“He told us three times!” tutted Luther. “We’re meant to catch all the snow scouts who are camping here tonight.”

“What did you think we were doing, dummy?” inquired Elena, “Looking for polar bears?”

“Very funny” muttered Damien, his black eyes scanning the cave floor. “So if the Lord ordered it, why haven’t we fulfilled it yet?”

Elena smacked a hand onto her forehead. “Because someone started a pointless argument,” she looked from Luther to Damien. “I wonder who that was?

Luther cleared his throat. “Let’s do it then, I heard that the snow scouts are in a cave”

“Oh thanks genius!” exclaimed Elena, gritting her teeth, “That really helps Luther, a cave, WHICH CAVE?”

“Well you didn’t let me finish” said an annoyed Luther. “The bats have reported that the snow scouts are sleeping in a cave at the bottom of an icy path behind this cave.” he cast a glare on the other two. “Now unless anyone else wants to share some more news, let’s get going!”

Do tell me how you found it! Vampires bickering with humor from Elena, I think I’ve done a good job with my level of humor.

So make your stories humorous, intriguing and read books, it helps improve your vocabulary! This is the end of MAKING IT TASTIER. I really hope you enjoyed it and this course helped you with your book. Don’t forget to drop some feedback down below and any ideas that I missed and I will see you tomorrow in our 7th course: SOME TIPS AND ADVICE.

Thanks for reading! And don’t leave without doing your homework:

Homework: List 5 new words that you have learnt recently. Give me a humorous extract from any of your stories. List three compounds and three oxymorons that you have searched up, made up or read.

Stay safe and healthy and send in that homework!!!

Published by H.R Phoenix, Author

H.R Phoenix is the owner and creator of Penable. She likes to inspire people to write and is an Author of a poetry book and the Penable magazine 2020. When she's not working on a short story or writing awesome Penable Posts, she enjoys spending time with her two cute kittens..

27 thoughts on “A Penable course: Writing a book #6 – MAKING IT TASTIER

  1. This post made me laughed. 😁
    Tastier, squashed pumpkin and all that. 😁
    I love synonyms. Just like you wrote, instead of beautiful, we can use alluring.
    Hmm… Five words I learnt recently…PUNY, ABJECT…can’t really recollect the rest.
    A humorous extract? Don’t know where to start from…😁

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  2. Okay honestly loved the sarcastic humor…and I’m in love with the characters Luther and Damien and oh oh Elena too…are they from that vampire story you posted a few days ago? And yuuupp using synonyms reeeally helps…using the appropriate lexis can really describe the scene more vividly…once again top notch advice from the one and only💝

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  3. No I’m gonna ask you here😂😂 okay so this is what I wanted to ask…if it’s okay for me to post your poem from your book (sensations and stars) the “storm walker” because as I was reading it…it hit me very strongly and it’s my favorite poem…I was going to make a post on your book and I wanted to include that too but I wasn’t sure if it would be okay…lemme know if you’re fine with it…I wanted to share my thoughts on that poem…it was beautiful 💝💝

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  4. Oh, you bought my book!
    Huge thank youuuu Arena! And a million hugs ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Of course you can! I’m fine with it, however Amazon only allows me to put 10% of my book online. So after you post my poem, you can’t post any more of my poems, I hope that’s alright???
    Otherwise go ahead and many more hugs to you 😘😘😘

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  5. Yea I figured…that’s why I wanted to ask😅 yeah I’m only going to post that one…thaaankk yooouu for writing such a beautiful masterpiece…you know I never used the kindle app before and made a new account just for your book🥺🥺💝💝

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  6. Oh…and umm…just you know…it just popped into my mind but…Lucy I’m sure you know her had mailed me a while ago…and I was wondering if you wanted to do that too…you can mail me and we can talk loads more…and more often too…hehe

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  7. Oh, well you see, and this might sound weird, I don’t actually have an email account…
    I knowww…
    So sorry….
    I know its really, really, really strange but I haven’t got round to making one….
    My parents want me to do it after Ramadan, so I will let you know cos it’ll be amazing if we could talk more often.
    I apologise once more… I actually never thought about making one, I was fine with a phone number, but I will do it soon – for you ❤️❤️❤️

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  8. Yaaayy…btw I have the memory of a goldfish and idk if you’ve already mentioned it or I just forgot and if and only if you’re okay with telling me…only if you’re okay…I just turned 17…how old are you?

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