3 THRILLER story ideas!

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If you’re reading this post then you must be a HUGE fan of THRILLER. Mabye you want to become a thriller story writer like Stephen King or mabye you just want to write a short story for yourself when you are bored. I bet you’re getting bored of reading this intro, so scroll down for some spine chilling story ideas:

  1. Your main character lives with his wonderful parents. But when he gets detention at school, his parents take away his video game for a month. But he just can’t wait that long. So when they are out shopping, he sneaks into their bedroom and hunts for his game. While he looks around, he accidently falls against a wall which slides open. Inside there is a ginormous book lying on the floor. When he opens it, he sees every single thing he has done written in his parent’s writing. The book goes on for two hundred years. The problem is, he’s only eleven years old…..

2. Your main character lives with her foster parents. One day, when she is visiting her mother’s grave, another one catches her eye. She sees that the name on the gravestone is the same name as her foster parent who is pretty much alive and well. Then the grave starts to ring, when she digs it up, she finds the most expensive and recently made phone. The only thing is, the grave stone is a hundred years old, when that type of phone was not even thought of.

3. Your main character is an orphan who’s mother died when he was born. When he looks back at photos when his mother was a child, he spots the same person standing in the distance of every picture which is taken in many different countries. As he looks closer, he realises that the person in the background is him, in the brand new clothes he is wearing presently.

Have fun writing your own thriller tales, I look forward to reading them in the future. Feel free to comment your own thriller story ideas below.

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