Thursday poetry competition #1

Yes, you read the title right, we are back!!! For all the new followers and viewers reading, about two months ago, we had our Thursday poetry competitions which were very popular and much loved. I usually got authors to judge them.

Then we stopped for a while, but I’m super excited to say, We are back!

This week’s topic is the galaxy.

We want a piece of poetry based on space or the galaxy. It could be the colours, inhabitants or anything related to the topic.

So hand it in, writers this is your chance to show your talent!

What do i have to do?

We want you to write as many lines of poetry as you like and send it in by Tuesday. You can only submit one piece of work and you cannot copy other people’s work.

How do I submit my work?

Part of submitting is to follow Penable and tell at least two people about this Comp. It’s easy, either submit your entry by typing your name and poem in the comments below or give us a link to your site which has the poem.

Note: please write according to the topic above. And all contestants must hand in a photo of themselves, which will be revealed if they win. We respect your privacy, so this is not compulsory.

Results will be revealed on Wednesday, until then, have fun!

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Can I submit more than one poem?

No, please stick to one.

Is there a prize??

Some comps will have prizes, we’re still working on it.

Can I become a judge?

We choose judges who have many, many followers or are authors. So if you are an author or have many followers, then please let us know as you may have a chance to be a judge next Thursday!

Can anyone choose a topic for next week’s comp?

No, to choose the topic for the next comp, you must be a winner of this one.

Can I tell anyone who is not on WordPress about this comp?

Sure. We would love it if you spread the news about Penable, whether on Instagram, Facebook or twitter or even on your own blog!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, don’t forget to like, share, follow and enter this comp before Tuesday!!!!


Published by H.R Phoenix, Author

H.R Phoenix is the creator of Penable. She likes to inspire people to write and is an author, editor, proofreader and illustrator. She is currently working on her mystery/thriller debut novel. When she's not working on a short story or writing awesome Penable Posts, she enjoys spending time painting, reading or hanging out with her two cute kittens...

34 thoughts on “Thursday poetry competition #1

  1. Hey there, this is Allie and my blog is
    Here is my poem, I just wrote it tonight. Hope you like it!

    Event Horizon
    How far do we travel before there is no going back? My cluster of stars, held together but always pushing away and out. This is you and I, and all our entanglements.

    How close do we become before the threshold to infinity is crossed? You are my galaxy,  my conglomerate of sparkles that light my face as I look up in wonder.

    But do you see me?  You see me watching as you cross my sky. Your movement through the day is the keystone of my life. You know this.

    I am your singularity. I am the black hole with such pull that your true self disintegrates and disappears into me. Lose yourself in my nothingness.

    I will swallow you whole. I will put forth such pressure that your world becomes dense and your galaxy extinguishes. Your stars flicker out, your clouds dissipate.

    Yet you always circle around. Always come back to me. We orbit each other in a never ending dance but never touch. 

    Am I your burning sun? Because you are my forever.

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  2. I’m not sure if this qualifies, but I have a book and have both published and recited the poem I’m sharing with you. The poem uses some galactic imagery to tell a story.

    Here’s the YouTube video that shows me reciting it years ago:

    Here’s the link to where I’ve featured the video on my blog:

    Even if it doesn’t qualify, you might take interest in this.
    Thank you, @H.R Phoenix, Author, for this opportunity!

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  3. I am in😀

    Fault in our their Stars.

    Who is perfect?
    Neither she nor he.
    She with a thyroid cancer,
    and he with an osteosarcoma.

    She had stars behind each eyelid,
    dark black eyes, just like a black hole,
    absorbing everything,
    in the edge of her eye-shadow.

    When he stared into her eyes,
    she was staring back.
    The two black holes collide,
    And the choice was made.

    Now, it was the beginning of their universe,
    which was expanding fast enough,
    Of wishes, cast on shooting stars,
    And the whole Galaxy in their souls.

    He was the soul of her universe,
    And she was like a fixed star.
    He said;
    I know the sun will swallow,
    The only Earth we will ever have,
    I’m in love with you,
    and some infinities are bigger than infinities.

    They knew,
    There will be no forever.
    They decided,
    If he and she became stars,
    will create their own constellation.
    Long after if they are gone,
    with their love story,
    spelled out in star dust.
    It was only…
    He and she,
    and their Galaxy.

    She was a brand new solar system now,
    with constellation ever-changing.
    He shrunked his universe within his arm,
    They collide,
    As stars in Galaxy far away,
    Chaotic, devastating and beautifully,
    in every single way.

    It’s a metaphor,
    you see…
    You put the killing thing,
    right between your teeth but,
    you don’t give it the power,
    to do it’s killing.

    But who knew?
    That’s the thing about pain,
    It demands to be felt.
    The universe wants to be noticed now.

    The strong arms,
    that was holding her inner stars grew cold.
    You might wonder what it happened?
    The two bodies burning brightly together,
    One fade out into the universe.
    Her life became heavier,
    Because her universe was condensed.

    What a way to be remembered?
    What a legacy to behold?
    He left, leaving her behind.
    She lied on ground looking at sky,
    May be their was a fault in their Stars.
    She said, if you are okay?
    Then I will be okay too.

    – Anushk@

    How is it mam?
    Here is a link to my post-

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