Thursday poetry competition, the results!

Last week we had a poetry competition and the topic was Galaxies. The contestants had to write a poem, their wished length and include something related to the topic.

We had a great blogger, you may know her, SaaniaSparkle judge! Her poetry is out of this world and kindly took the offer to become our judge! Do check out her blog and give her a follow!

So it was a tough competition, but finally, Saania has chosen a winner.


Joy from Yellow Brick Ave!

This AMAAAZINNGG writer who impresses us with her captivating words and beautifully penned verses has been a brilliant follower of Penable for a while. It is a great honour to announce her as the winner and here is what she wrote….

Galaxies, Or Regarding Poor Prufrock

In a lush field upon our backs we lie
with our palms spread out flat against the sky,
like a perfect frame for the gleaming stars.

Around us we hear the swift-moving cars,
racing to their destinations, but ours
is simply here under the summer heat,

For we don’t want to roam the busy streets,
we desire to just wait in peace and meet
constellations, greeting them one by one.

Soon, though, even without illumination from the sun,
our gentle quietude becomes undone,
reminded of life’s chaos by the overwhelming vastness of space.

A disheartening question now we face:
Among the cosmos, what is our place?
It ravages, rages, consumes our brains

until it is the only thought that remains.
Though to the tranquil darkness, it does not pertain,
so we wonder if it needs answered at all.

The beaming starlight once more does call,
and though we may feel stuck and small,
held in by the pointillated dark sheet above,

we notice the heavens surround us with love.
That inquiry flies off like a dove
as we feel safe beneath the galaxies.

We will return to questions of mortality,
morality, reality, and unreality,
but for now, we focus on the view. How pretty!

For this moment,
we ignore memories of the city,
the hustle and bustle, the anxiety,
that simultaneous crowded, lonely curse.

Those thoughts are for another poet’s verse–
We do not dare disturb the universe….

By Joy ❤️

Massive well done Joy, and before I reveal our three runners up, I take great pleasure in gifting you the Penable Award!!! Please check out here for more details:

Okay, now for the runners up who also win the Penable Award….


Check out her brilliant poetry here:


check out her awesome poetry here:

She even has a Video of her reciting it! Watch it here:

3. Aathmana

Check out her beautiful verses here:

A massive Thank you to everyone else who entered, we absolutely loved your work!

Don’t forget to follow Penable, share, like and reblog and leave a comment down below, we love to hear your thoughts!

Published by H.R Phoenix, Author

H.R Phoenix is the creator of Penable. She likes to inspire people to write and is an author, editor, proofreader and illustrator. She is currently working on her mystery/thriller debut novel. When she's not working on a short story or writing awesome Penable Posts, she enjoys spending time painting, reading or hanging out with her two cute kittens...

45 thoughts on “Thursday poetry competition, the results!

  1. Reblogged this on Read. Love. Live and commented:
    I am happy that I am considered among these beautiful people’s poems… I mean… They are brilliant and I have no idea how mine got into their list!!!
    I am so grateful to phoenix for igniting hope and confident in me… Thanks phoenix and Saania (you are an awesome judge)

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  2. Thanks phoenix. The winner joy was indeed the best.. still can’t figure out how mine got into this…
    But I am grateful for that!!!
    Congratulations to the winners
    And thanks too!!

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  3. I bet you would!!
    Cuz you are so busy in the morning… Trying hard to encourage everyone around you… Bringing up new awards.. posts.. blog promotions..contests..
    So 😅😂

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  4. He’s great!
    Hungry alwaysss!
    Actually I took him out in our garden for the FIRST time today! He really enjoyed it and was trying to catch flies. I literally had to drag him back indoors, he loved it so much!

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  5. Joy’s poem is certainly beautiful! Also, I’m so grateful and honored to be on the runner-up list! Thank you you!

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  6. Congratulations to joy🤩🎉
    Thank you mam💙😀
    You made my evening…I came to see it so late.
    I am in the list ….I am more than happy.
    And thanks to saania as well💙

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