10 of my TOP tips for writing Poetry!!!

For those who are not aware, I am an author of a short poetry ebook on Amazon called Sensations and stars and other poems. Do check it out ❤️

And some of my amazing followers have requested for me to do a post on some poetry tips, and I know that there are some really great poets out there 😉 so here it folks, ten of my top tips for writing Poetry!

1. Finding inspiration

Inspiration doesn’t just hit you.

You need to look for it. The more eager you are, the more inspiration you will find. Inspiration is really great for writing poetry about anything! All you have to do is look around. My favourite places for poetry inspiration is sitting out in my garden with a pad and jotting down what I see around me! Inspiration gives you an endless list of things to write about, so this is really important!

2. Read the work of other poets and notice the different styles they use

There are many great poets and reading there work gives you inspiration, ideas and you learn a lot about what style they use that has captured the hearts of their readers.

3. Write about something that means a lot to you

The more you feel about the topic, the better your work will be! If you’re passionate about something, your writing will glow with that passion. And that is what captures hearts.

4. Write about your feelings

Whether you are sad, moody, grieving, over the moon with joy or even in love, jotting down your feelings is a great exercise for your brain to describe it in words. It’s also better for you, and your reader may be able to relate to what you are feeling.

5. Don’t push yourself too hard

There are times where we get stuck in our work. We can’t find the right word or we don’t know what line we should write and we just want to rip it all up and kick down the desk. Yeah. We’ve all experienced that. This is just our brain telling us that we need a break. Don’t push yourself. Don’t write for too long and give your body some exercise. Take breaks. Even if it’s five minutes. Get fresh air or have a snack or search up a humorous video and laugh! Don’t give up on your work. That’s the way to success!

6. Start a writing group, or join one

Yep, poetry can be quite lonely. Gather a few friends on WhatsApp or even here on WordPress and start a small writing group. You can share ideas or inspiring quotes or share your work and get honest feedback! You can also join a writing group, if you find one. Have fun!

7. Read Aloud

Even if you’re by yourself. I love reading aloud poetry to myself or anyone who wants to listen! Read it over and over and edit it until you are comfortable with how it sounds and it will convey the message it should.

8. Use your five senses

Especially if you have just started writing poetry, using your five senses expands your use of description and develops a vivid image for your reader. It will also help your reader understand what message you’re trying to send and what emotions you want them to feel.

9. If you do use rhymes then avoid the obvious ones

Like ‘Moon’ and ‘Soon’ or ‘Cat’ and ‘fat’. Unless you’re really, really desperate of a rhyming word to end your poem, you really, really shouldn’t write the obvious rhymes – use some rare or unique words instead!

10. Never give up

I knowww that this seems like a really simple piece of advice, but it is quite important that you never give up. Stay motivated and inspired. You can do it. Your writing may turn out horrible, but does that mean that you can’t edit it? Take a break and write again. But please, never give up. And that’s how you write a five star poem.

Thank you sooooo much for reading, I do hope this post helps you and I would love feedback!

Right, any questions???? 😃

21 thoughts on “10 of my TOP tips for writing Poetry!!!

  1. It ‘ll be really helpful for most of the people.👏👏 At some point I give a break in between my work when I come back everything wanishes. For me it’s like I sit until I finish the work!😂

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  2. Love this! I would add that you should keep a journal or a notepad or even the notes app on your phone accessible as much of the time as possible and jot down your ideas in there. Any idea, no matter how small or ridiculous, even if it doesn’t particularly feel like inspiration. My poems tend to be at least partially based in slivers of ideas and momentary thoughts, many of which would have been lost to me if I hadn’t written them down.

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  3. A great post, and I agree with all of your points! On point five, I have one poem which took me 20 years to finish! 20 years!! The truth is, I couldn’t finish it until I set my mind free. After that it was easy.

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