Daiy Wisdom 7

If you see someone without a smile, then give them yours.’

Dolly Parton

Okay, right now everyone is panicking. There’s coronavirus going on. But just wait a second, why are we in the depths of doom and gloom? I know that this is a very difficult time for us, I know that people close to us will be buried. But being sad and grumpy will not make the situation better, will it?

Let’s put smiles on people’s faces in these difficult times. Let’s pull them out of the darkness. Even if our heart is sad, or our heart is mourning, doesn’t mean that everyone else in the world has to cry too. This is not the time to break down. This is a time to stay strong, to stay patient and definitely not make everyone else upset. Even if it’s for five minutes, grab your phone, call a friend and tell them a joke. Laugh. Be happy.

And put a smile on people’s faces.

Then they’ll stay strong.

To survive.

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