Get to know ME Q and A!!!! Ask me anything!

Okay, so I’ve seen a lot of people doing get to know me Q and A’s, so I wanted to do one as well, because, why not?! Down in the comments below, you can ask me ANYTHING you want, like literally anything and I will answer them in a post on Wednesday!

You can even ask a question for lil Phoenix and I could do a picture with his answer!

So just leave a comment with your questions, you can ask as many as you want, there are no limits and get ready to know a lot more about me on Wednesday!!!

Published by H.R Phoenix, Author

H.R Phoenix is the owner and creator of Penable. She likes to inspire people to write and is an Author of a poetry book and the Penable magazine 2020. When she's not working on a short story or writing awesome Penable Posts, she enjoys spending time with her two cute kittens..

125 thoughts on “Get to know ME Q and A!!!! Ask me anything!

  1. Didn’t know if any of these were already asked or not…there’s a lot of comments here lol….
    What’s your favorite book?
    How many cats have you ever had?
    How long have you been blogging?
    Can’t wait to see your answers on Wednesday!💗

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  2. Okay I haaaavveee a tons and tons of questions to ask you but I’m gonna save some for when we meet over slushes😂😂
    1. What are your plans for eid?
    2. Oh and do you have a favorite season and why? (I love this question for some reason I can go on and on talking about seasons and I know I’ve asked you this before but still😂😂)
    2. What are you reading rn?
    3. Do you have any other hobbies aside from writing and painting, do you listen to music? Who is your fav singer or what sort of music do you listen to? (I looove instrumentals like piano music and all that and Lindsey Stirling is loooveee)
    4. I know you’ve been to turkey and you’ve showed us some photos but which other country would you like to visit and why?
    5. What’s your favorite dish? (Food🤤🤤)
    6. Do you watch movies? What’s your favorite one? (Disney is not counted cuz we all know it would top❤️❤️ Personally I looove narnia❤️❤️)
    7. And lastly if you had the magical ability to go into one story which one would it be? (Harry Potter isn’t counted😏😏)
    Yuupp that’s it for now I know you’re gonna take a while typing it all but it’ll be worth it😆😆❤️❤️ I can’t wait to read your answers and until next time *sends hugs and Apple juice because you have to type all this and now I sorta feel bad😅😅❤️❤️*

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  3. 🥺🥺❤️❤️ you’re the beeeesssstttteesssstttesssstttesssstt *sends the tighhhtessst and warmest hug ever*🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️

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