Get to know ME Q and A!!!! Ask me anything!

Okay, so I’ve seen a lot of people doing get to know me Q and A’s, so I wanted to do one as well, because, why not?! Down in the comments below, you can ask me ANYTHING you want, like literally anything and I will answer them in a post on Wednesday!

You can even ask a question for lil Phoenix and I could do a picture with his answer!

So just leave a comment with your questions, you can ask as many as you want, there are no limits and get ready to know a lot more about me on Wednesday!!!

Published by H.R Phoenix, Author

H.R Phoenix is the owner and creator of Penable. She likes to inspire people to write and is an Author of a poetry book and the Penable magazine 2020. When she's not working on a short story or writing awesome Penable Posts, she enjoys spending time with her two cute kittens..

125 thoughts on “Get to know ME Q and A!!!! Ask me anything!

  1. How do you engage Phoenix in his playtime?

    I was waiting for his picture, and got to see him today. He’s cute!!

    Does he sleep a lot?
    There are 2 cats around my home. And, whenever I spot one of them, he’ll be sleeping peacefully. I wanted to know if it’s a general behaviour!

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  2. I don’t know where to start on this… I guess it’s the basics here. So where are you from? What’s your star sign and what’s something you look back on in line and should regret but don’t? πŸ˜€

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  3. You want more?? Maybe you need an about page? 😜
    How have you coped with isolation?
    Is there a book you’ve read that you don’t want to admit to?
    What questions do you want me to ask? πŸ˜‚

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  4. Yeah – but all my followers immediately call me the laat word of my username, Phoenix, so I’m like, okay! Phoenix it is! It’s a cool name too! πŸ€— πŸ€— πŸ€—


  5. Yaaaaay!!!
    It’s time for me to ask you a lot of questions
    Where do you live?
    How old are you?
    What is your favorite dessert?
    What is your favorite food?
    How many languages do you speak?
    Do you do sports?
    What do you think of my blog?
    Do you like martial arts?
    What is your favorite movie genre?
    What is your favorite type of music?
    Do you like fiction?
    Have you ever thought of revealing your face on WordPress?
    Do you like romance?
    These were my questions

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