Speech Monday Special 2 – thoughts on religion

Hi and welcome to part two of my speech Monday, this part is based on religion.

Ready? Oh and please leave loaddddssss of feedback down below 👇

Thoughts on religion

I’m not here to argue. I’m not here to debate. I’m not here to convert. I’m simply here to talk. Talk about religion.

Religion is important. When we have religion, we feel safe. We feel happy, light, free. Me, I respect each and every religion. And we all should. We shouldn’t point, we shouldn’t curse, we shouldn’t disgrace other religions. But people still do. We shouldn’t be worried when we go out in public that someone is going to film us, curse us, disgrace us and point. But we still worry. We shouldn’t be living in fear that someone is going to spit on us, hurt us, swear at us, because of our beliefs. We chose to follow a path – you can follow another path, no one is forcing you to follow a different religion.

Another problem is rumors. If I want to know about Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism or Islam, I can’t look online. Because online is the worst place to look. It’s full of the most horrid examples of a person from each religion, and puts bad ideas in other people’s heads of that religion. If I want to know about Christianity, I can’t look at a Christian man that has murdered several people and has been imprisoned for life, can I? And it will be wrong for us to spread rumors and slander as well, am I right or am I right?

Respecting other’s beliefs and choices of life, to me, is extremely important. On WordPress there are many people of all different cultures, beliefs, so on. And I’m friends with Hindus, Christians, Jews and Muslims and they all have a beautiful personality. On WordPress, I have made friends that are Christians, and nothing like murderers in prison. I’m friends with Hindus, that are nothing like weird people that I see online. I’m friends with Muslims, that are not anything like a terrorist, part of a deadly gang or longing to have war on the world like the Internet says. We should learn about other people’s beliefs and opinions and there perspective on life. The more that we get to know, the more we respect them. And WHO CARES if they’re from a religion that you have heard bad about? So what? If they’re good and kind at heart, then that’s all you need. I have studied religious Education, but when I come across a person, I still ask them, “How was your day, can you tell me a little about your faith?” and so should you. You know what, I’m going to give you homework before I go.

Homework: Find one of your friends on WordPress, and ask them “How was your day and can you tell me a little about your faith?”, then, once they have told you, I want you to ask them 5 questions that you have been wondering about their faith! You can try it in the comments section down below 👇

Thank you very much for reading and i would love and appreciate any feedback or criticism in the comments below. Oh and do your homework down below and tell me once you have done it! And remember what I said above, all those points are really, really important, respect other people’s beliefs and ask a couple of questions to understand why they chose that path. Any questions for me – just drop on below 👇 thank you again and do your homework!!!!

And please feel free to do a Penable Speech Monday special on your own blogs about anything you like and send us a link to it so we can check it out! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Phoenix 💖

Published by H.R Phoenix, Author

H.R Phoenix is the owner and creator of Penable. She likes to inspire people to write and is an Author of a poetry book and the Penable magazine 2020. When she's not working on a short story or writing awesome Penable Posts, she enjoys spending time with her two cute kittens..

16 thoughts on “Speech Monday Special 2 – thoughts on religion

  1. My dear Phoenix!! I don’t know how to comment on this. THIS POST IS BRILLIANT! something that should be read by everyone. These days, whenever I open the newspapers,all I can see now are the murders and theft and many such deeds. Most of their causes are either because of ALCOHOL or because of the inevitable… RELIGION!! and not just limited to India but the whole world!! Just google it about the such cases and you will see a thousand cases!!! Shameful indeed!!
    Hope the next generation would follow a path of non violence and discipline and respect! Let them know that there are many good deeds to do!!
    Thanks for this post!!

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  2. I work with people from many different beliefs and spiritual paths. What I find most refreshing is when people understand that a belief is personal and real to them but not always others. We can all have separate belief’s and yet bond and share on parallel lines on this journey.
    All belief is grounded in some of life’s basic rules of engagement. One of my favorites is “Do unto others as you would have done to you, and expect nothing in return.” It’s challenging but so worth it as a belief. Big smile for this post!

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  3. You’re right. No wait you’re right. Did I mention that you were completely right? No I didn’t but I meant that you were so awfully on the point. RIGHT. Phoenix I’ve been so intrigued since forever because I’m sorta scared I’ve seen people being islamophobic and yet you were here claiming your beliefs so so bravely. And I was so endeared because that’s just something so brave and so strong and soo soo right. Allah has said not to cower or be scared but I was. That people might end up hating on me. Just because I believe. And they don’t. But you decided to be positive and strong and even correct others in a way that’s just…you made my eyes sweat…this was more than a speech…more than a declaration…it was a hug…a hug that said “don’t be afraid of who you are.” And we all need one…so thank you…so so so much…for being there…for stepping up…for doing what most of us couldn’t…thank you for being who you are…

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