Thursday poetry competition : The Results!!!!

Hi guys! So last Thursday, we had another Poetry competition and the topic was.. Fragrance. Contestants had to write a piece of poetry about a beautiful or peculiar scent. This week’s comp was soooo hard to judge, because we loved each and every piece and we had incredible writers entering! But writer in particular showed her true talent and I was stunned by her simple, but amazing verses that captured the topic perfectly. So I’m proud to say that the winner is….

The Bibliophilewriter!

Here is what she has written:

Sauntered beside me, you.
Inciting me to gaze at you.
Rendering me to inhale you.
Glorifying me, you.
Appalling me, you.
Desiring for you.
Abandoned me, you.
Cause I couldn’t afford you.

By the Bibliophilewriter

This is an amazing piece of work and I admire her style of writing. That is why I am giving her our very special, very rare, the Penable Award! Please check out this link for more details:

And now the runners up are:


Check out his incredible poem here:

Jay, you also win the Penable Award


Check out her brilliant poetry here:

Ashee, you also win the Penable Award!


Check out her beautiful poem here:

The bold girl, you also win the Penable Award!

Thank you to everyone else who entered, we enjoyed reading your work and savoured every line! Don’t forget to share the news about Penable, follow, like and comment down below 👇!

And thank you for reading ❤️❤️❤️🙏

Phoenix 💖

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