Daily Wisdom 16

‘Nothing in the world can trouble you more than your own thoughts.’


Guys, stop thinking that you’re not good at this, or you’re rubbish at that – just stop! I see it everywhere, people trying to live up to another person’s success, and they’re uncomfortable with doing the things that they don’t like, but they only do it for one thing. Success. Another thing pals, is that everyone, even me sometimes, we think that we’re rubbish. We think we’re useless. Well of course we’re useless, duh people, we’re trying to live up to some other person’s success, I mean, your not even that person, so how do you expect to think like them, do everything like them when you’re not even them. The worst enemy you can ever have is your own thoughts. That makes you shy. Timid. And easy to prey on. Stop telling yourself that you’re useless. Do what you love, then ask yourself, am I useless? Stop doubting yourself, achieve goals, then ask yourself, was that rubbish? If you’re always doubtful about every step you take, how do you expect to get to the end of the path? How do you expect to succeed? A person who thinks that they’re good for nothing either needs to get some help or sort it out fast. Because your mind, your thoughts, are the worst enemy you could possibly imagine.

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