Thursday Poetry competition – the results!

Meow there ✨✨✨

It’s been a busy week and we come to another beautiful Wednesday.

Last week’s challenge was dreams. Contestants had to write something related to dreams and night time.

And the winner is…. Drum roll…

KIM’S MAGIC!!!! Congratulations Kim! Well done! Here is her amazing piece of work:

When the world is lost and dead,

We tell you to go to bed,

To shut your tiny frail eyes,

And turn away from all the lies,

The world is in deep slumber,

As your tranquillity continues to lumber,

Leave behind all that’s at stake,

Keep your eyes from fluttering awake,

As you stride through your fantasies,

In another planet of distant galaxies,

In an illusion of equanimity and ecstasy,

Forsaking the present catastrophe,

While you are blissfully dozing,


The globe of misery and shame,

Is engulfed by an enchanting flame,

We don’t desire for you to wake ever,

Just stay in a reverie of charms forever,

And live a life of dreams and delight,

Never afraid of a world of fright,

Never in the need to fight,

And thrive under the sleeping light.

By Kim’s magic

Kim, congrats, you get the Penable Award! Check out this link for more details:

Now for the runner ups who also get the Penable Award:

1. TARUSHI! Congratulations, and check out this link to see Tarushi’s great piece on dreams:

2. KAMYA!! Congratulations Kamya, check out this link to see Kamya’s amazing piece on dreams:

3. HARSH!! Congrats Harsh, check out his great take on dreams here:

Thank you To everyone else who entered, we loved each and every piece of work!

Thank you so much for reading! And join us every Thursday for another Poetry Competition!

Also, if you want to judge tomorrow’s Thursday competition, please contact me at: The same goes to any inquiries you may have!

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