Thursday poetry competition – the results!

Hello everyone! 😁 Yup, its me again, Phoenix and I’ve come with the results of last week’s comp!

The topic was memories and childhood, a very interesting one. Contestants had to write about a memory or a story from when they were little in of course, poetry form.

And now the winner….


Congratulations! ❀️ Well done! Here is her amazing piece of work:


Those were the days
Carefree days
Trouble-free days
No responsibilities
No pressure
No life changing mistakes
No life changing decisions
Your actions were justified by your age
For some tasks you were under-age
Your parents were to write your life page
Not victimized by minimum wage
Not victimized by unemployment
Just a victim of stage enjoyment

These are adulthood days
Anxious days
Trouble-some days
Unending responsibilities
Pressure dominant phase
Only life changing mistakes
Only life changing decisions
You account for your actions
For all tasks you’re in perfect age
You’re to prune your life stage
Victimized by minimum wage
Victimized by unemployment
Strangered to enjoyment

Stress is the only usual in adulthood.
Heavy burden of womanhood
sometimes makes me wanna scream,
β€œI wanna be a baby again!”

By Zamadlomo

Congratulations again and you get the Penable Award – see here for more info!

And now for the runner ups! We have…

1. ANISHA!! Congratulations Anisha! You also get the Penable Award ❀️ Check out Anisha’s brilliant piece on childhood here!

2. RADHIKA! Congratulations! You also get the Penable Award! Check out Radhika’s great piece here.

3. SHWETA! Congratulations 🎊! You also get the Penable Award! Check out Shweta’s amazing piece here.

Thank you to everyone else who entered, we loved each and every piece of work!

And thank you so much for reading! And join us every Thursday for another Poetry Competition!

Also, if you want to judge tomorrow’s Thursday competition, please contact me at: The same goes to any inquiries you may have!

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