What happened to Princess? – PART THREE OF MY HORROR STORY!

Hello lovely people! It’s Phoenix here 🤗 and I’ve come with the third, much waited part of my horror story, What happened to Princess? Sorry for the long wait, but here it is!

If you’re new here, and haven’t read part one and two, please do that first, or you won’t know what’s happening here. Read part one and two here.

Okay, I don’t think I could write the bestttttt horror, I’ll leave that to Steven King, but I do hope you enjoy this and give some feedback below 👇


Mrs Collins was being half dragged by two burly officers. They were being led by Lilliane and Officer McKay who were chatting like they knew eachother all their lives.

“Help me!” Mrs Collins shouted to the wide eyed, puzzled Pip as they passed the counter. Pip chewed a sticky piece of bubblegum and did nothing.

Soon Mrs Collins was bundled up in the back of Lilliane’s green car.

“Ta ta!” Lilliane called to Officer McKay who grinned and waved back.

They drove through the busy streets of London, Lilliane gritting her teeth as she steered and glancing in the rear mirror every few seconds.

Mrs Collins sniffed. “Where are you taking me?”

Lilliane smiled. “The Care home.”

“Which care home?” asked Mrs Collins, wiping tears from her cheeks.

Lilliane turned around to face her.

“It’s called DEATH.”


Half an hour into the drive, Lilliane sighed and turned the steering wheel. 

Mrs Collins cried and sniffed and pinched herself for not being more careful. 

“Where are you taking me?” she croaked. 

Lilliane blew back strands of jet black hair. 

“Somewhere far away. It’s an hour’s journey.” she informed Mrs Collins. 

“Right.” said Mrs Collins, an urge of bravery rushing through her. “Let’s talk.”

Lilliane snorted. “What about mummy?”

“About what happened to you, Lilliane.”

“So sorry, but it’s confidential.” Lilliane said in a sickly sweet voice. She stopped at a red light and turned around. “Do you wanna die?” 

“No.” Mrs Collins gulped. 

“Then stop being so brave and shut that mouth of yours.”

“Yes. said Mrs Collins. 

Lilliane turned back to the steering wheel and bit her lip. Then there was a sound of a phone ringing. She took out a small mobile and murmured into it: “Hello?”

Mrs Collins sniffed again and looked out of the window. 

“I’m on my way.” Lilliane said. “Uh huh. Okay thanks. Wait, what?” 

Lilliane frowned. “But this is my life – you can’t kill me!” she whimpered suddenly. Mrs Collins stared at the lady in front who now sunk into her seat.

“You can count on me, I’ll do the job properly this time!” Lilliane gabbled urgently into the phone. “I just need more time, give me one last chance!”

Then the phone dropped slipped through her fingers and hit the carpeted floor. Lilliane coughed and a line of bubbling black blood oozed down the side of her cheek. Mrs Collins pulled off her seatbelt, terrified and threw her hands up.

“No.” Lilliane shook her head vigorously and her eyes went blurry. Then she muttered the same lines, over and over.

Mrs Collins reached for a notepad and pen sticking out of a compartment, and quickly scribbled down the words:

Lavabit et universum sanguinem. Nos imperare ejus. Illa venit.

She tore out the sheet and stuck it in her pocket.

Lilliane shook her head again and her eyes came back to normal. She wiped away the blood with the back of her sleeve and scowled. Then she whipped around.

“What did you see?” she snapped at Mrs Collins. “What did you hear?”

“I don’t, I don’t know!” Mrs Collins stuttered. “You were speaking gibberish and, and your eyes went crazy and, and.. I don’t know!”

Lilliane turned back.

“What were you doing?” Mrs Collins asked fearfully.

“I don’t know myself. Its a thing I’ve always done. It’s my punishment from her.” Lilliane admitted then scowled again. “Now shut that mouth of yours before I run my knife into you!” she yelled and twirled a pocket knife in her hand.

She steered out of the traffic, opened the window and stuck her head out of it. “What have you done?” she shouted.

“What????” inquired Mrs Collins, shivering.

“We’re being followed.” Lilliane hissed. “What did you doooooooo…”

The car suddenly turned to its side on two wheels and skidded down the road. The seatbelt tightened on Mrs Collins and her stomach lurched. She gritted her teeth and braced herself as the car crashed into a huge tree. A million shards of glass showered over them both, cutting a deep gash into Mrs Collins’ right arm. She yelped and tilted her head. Lilliane looked knocked out in her seat, her face had several marks of blood over it, like someone carelessly splattered paint on it.

Flakes of lime green paint rolled down to the concrete.

Mrs Collins groaned and looked at the broken window where a hand appeared and reached for hers. Mrs Collins swallowed, unbuckled her seatbelt and took it, allowing the person to pull her out.

It was Pip.


“Hey there Ma’am!” she said over the blasting noise of car alarms.

“Pip?!” Mrs Collins shouted, so surprised, she almost toppled over.

“Yes Ma’am, but we’ve gotta get out of here right now.” Officer Pip gave her a serious look. She pushed Mrs Collins into a car with a massive dent at the front. Mrs Collins gaped. “You crashed Lilliane’s car??” she whispered.

Pip shut the side door and got into the front seat. She pushed down, hard, on the pedals and turned her car towards the road and in a second, they were speeding down it.

“Yep, I did!” Pip announced, somewhat proudly. “I never even trusted that Lilliane in the first place. She had an evil twinkle in her eye. I believed you though, so I followed you guys. Then the lady stuck her head out of that window and I took my chance.” Pip stopped, frowned and glanced behind her. “It was risky, crashing the car, I didn’t care about the freakin’ lady, but you could’ve been killed – sorry about that Ma’am.”

Mrs Collins smiled weakly. “It’s fine Pip.” She raised her hand and patted her head. It was caked with blood. Pip passed her a bunch of tissues. “Press it down on your head and keep it there. Hopefully the blood will stop.”

Mrs Collins took the tissues and nodded gratefully. “Thank you for saving me Pip, but won’t you lose your job? I bet they caught you crashing that car on camera.”

Pip tapped the steering wheel with her fingers thoughtfully. “I never thought of that. Suppose they would Ma’am.” she said slowly and quietly. “I suppose they’d put me in prison, won’t they?”

Mrs Collins sucked in a shaky breath. “I’m sure they won’t.” she assured Pip. “We’ll just solve the mystery and they’ll understand that you had to crash the car to stop Lilliane from kidnapping me.”

“You reckon?” Pip said uncertainly.

“Only if we solve the mystery.” Mrs Collins smiled, pushing the tissues harder against her hair. Pip cheered up – a lot. She took out a large handbag, unzipped it and showed the contents to Mrs Collins. It was overflowing with bright, colourful packets.

“Bubblegum?” Pip asked. “Go on.”

Mrs Collins picked out a green packet, unwrapped the shiny foil and stuck the thick piece of gum on her tongue. She chewed slowly and a burst of apple flavour exploded in her mouth.

“Good, isn’t it?” Pip grinned. Mrs Collins moved the blob of bubblegum to the side of her mouth, “It’s good,” she agreed, “But we need to solve the mystery.”

“Right.” Pip said seriously. “First off, why does she want you?”

“Because.. I’m her mum?” replied Mrs Collins.

“But who would want to kill their mum? I mean, why does she want to kill you? What did you do that made her so angry?”

Mrs Collins’ face went to the colour of a beetroot. “Swear you won’t tell anyone?”

“I swear.”

“I killed her.” Mrs Collins said.

The next moment she was spilling out all the details, of her getting drunk, killing her daughter by accident.

“Gosh.” Pip gasped when Mrs Collins finished. “That’s. That’s. Um, so you’re kinda like a murderer then?”

Mrs Collins looked annoyed. “The main thing is, we need to find out what happened to Lilliane.”

“Well we should look for clues!” Pip said and turned around and Mrs Collins caught a whiff of bubblegum breath.

“She goes crazy sometimes, and told me it was her punishment.” Mrs Collins recalled. “And she keeps muttering stuff, I don’t know what it means, but she keeps saying it over and over…” She reached into her pocket and pulled out the slightly crumpled note. “This is what she kept saying.” she handed the note to Pip who read it intently.

Lavabit et universum sanguinem. Nos imperare ejus. Illa venit.

“I know this.” Pip muttered, her eyes scanning the paper.

“You know what it says?” Mrs Collins asked excitedly.

“It’s latin.” Pip informed her. “A beautiful language, I was taught it when I was young. It says……” her eyes scrunched up. “Let me remember…. It says, Wash the universe with blood. We shall rule. Beware, she’s coming.”

Mrs Collins gulped and then yelled out, “Watch that van!!!”

Pip quickly turned the steering wheel and they slipped through a gap between two white vans.

“My, Pip! You almost crashed us!” exclaimed Mrs Collins.

“So sorry!” Pip said and blew a big pink bubble. She popped it and stretched the gum over her tongue. “I was thinking about the note.”

“What about it?” Mrs Collins shivered.

“What Lily whatever meant about Illa Venit. She’s coming.” Pip replied.

“Lilliane mentioned that the crazy thing she was doing was a punishment from her,” Mrs Collins recalled. “Perhaps she meant the same lady in she’s coming. Whoever this woman is, Lilliane is obviously afraid of her.”

“Good point.” Pip put in. “But why do you think this lady wants to punish Lilliane?”

“Maybe because she’s not doing her job right?” Mrs Collins suggested.

Pip said, “Huh.” and her face creased in concentration on the road. “Ok Ma’am, we’re pretty far away from the place I crashed the car…. So where do you wanna go?”

Mrs Collins looked out of the window and sighed. Black silhouettes of tall trees rocked gently in the wind against a canvas of darkness.

“It’s night already?” Mrs Collins said, surprised.

Pip clicked her tongue. “Yep.”

“I just remembered.” Mrs Collins whispered, her face pale. “I have Mr Collins at home! He’ll be wondering where I’ve got to!”

“Okay, tell me where you live.” Pip said.

They reached Mrs Collins’ house quickly. She fumbled in her pocket and drew out two small keys dangling from a ring. Mrs Collins unlocked the door and took off her well worn boots. Pip followed her in and bolted the door behind her.

A figure in the dark rushed towards them and turned on the hallway light quickly. It was a tall man, with hardly a hair on his head, a round, pink face and circular glasses which magnified his eyes to look bigger than they already were. In his right hand, he was tightly gripping a cricket bat and he slowly let it slip out of his fingers and onto the floor.

“Collins?” Mrs Collins asked, shocked.

“Where have you been Madison?” The man said, worriedly and looked at Pip. “Who are you?”

Now way am I going to let him know that is daughter is alive, well and trying to kill me, thought Mrs Collins.

“This is Pippa, she’s a friend. We went to a restaurant and then went…”

“Bowling.” Pip finished.

“Oh. Well you didn’t let me know about that Madison.” Mr Collins looked annoyed. “I was so worried!”

“I forgot.” Mrs Collins said. “I’m sorry about that.”

“Uh, I’ll go make a cup of tea for us all.” Pip smiled weakly. “You can have some privacy.”

“Thanks Pip.” said Mrs Collins. “Walk down this corridor and turn right, and you’ll find the kitchen.”

Pip went off.

“I am honestly so sorry.” Mrs Collins continued.

“Well I went to Tracey’s this morning, and you weren’t there.” Mr Collins puffed. “All I found was this phone number lying on the floor. Is it yours?” He passed a note to Mrs Collins.


“Uh, yeah, it’s mine.” Mrs Collins lied. If it was in Lilliane’s house then it would give her an answer to what she wanted to know, wouldn’t it?

“I’m really tired.” Mrs Collins pulled a fake yawn. “I’m going to go up to bed.”

“Okay, I’ll be watching football in the living room.” Mr Collins told her. “And when that Pippa finishes making tea, I’ll show her out.”

Mrs Collins nodded and went to her kitchen where Pip was carefully sipping tea.

“Pip, I’m going off to bed now.” Mrs Collins informed her. “We’ll carry the investigation tomorrow.”

“Righty ho.” Pip replied. “I think I’ll stay at my Mum’s tonight, she lives far away from here, so I’ll be away from any officers hunting me down. For the time being anyway.”

“Pip, I promise you, we will find out what happened to Lilliane, prove it to the Police, and they’ll understand why you crashed the car.” Mrs Collins smiled confidently.

“I hope so.” Pip said quietly. “And in the meantime, here’s so gum, I eat way too much anyway.” she opened Mrs Collins’ palms and lay a dozen bright packets there. Then she put down the mug and grinned. “G’ night Mrs Collins and stay safe.”

“Thank you Pip. For everything.” Mrs Collins hugged her. “Mr Collins will show you out.”

Pip waved and walked out. Mrs Collins swept into her bedroom and picked up her mobile. She took out the note and tapped in the phone number.


Then she shut the door and held the phone to her ear.

It went to voicemail. “This is Madame Morse. I am currently busy. If this the Princess, then click the number one.”

Mrs Collins’ finger hovered over the screen and she tapped the green square which had the number one on it.

The same voice came again. “Princess, I need you to kill her as soon as possible. Make it quick. You do it right, you’ll be celebrated and raised amongst us. You do it wrong, you burn.”

But it wasn’t the words that sent a dark shiver down Mrs Collins’ spine.

It was the achingly, eerily familiar voice. It was strong and firm, slightly lispy.

With the loud pop of a bubble at the end of the message.

Mrs Collins could almost smell the strawberry breath.


End of part three!

I don’t know if you found it mysterious and creepy enough, please give me feedback in the comments! Though I really hope you had a happy, and spooky, time reading!

If more than seven people ask for part four in the comments, I’ll write it!

Thank you for reading!!! Don’t forget to like, comment and share the news about Penable!

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