How to achieve your goals

How to achieve your goals | Psychologies

Hiya everyone! It’s Phoenix here!

Everyone has goals in life.

Maybe you have a goal to learn another language, or learn to cook Turkish cuisine by the end of the month….. or.. You have a goal to finish your book!

It’s always good to aim high for the sky, but don’t hesitate to start low.

Set a deadline: This is one of the best ways to achieve a goal, if you’re determined and set a date to achieve your goal by, your more likely to achieve it by then!

Be realistic: when you’re creating a goal to achieve, make it possible to achieve in the date you want to do it by.

Commit to yourself: Read motivational quotes, stay determined, work hard and most importantly – BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Don’t get distracted by other goals: Don’t overburden yourself with too many goals, achieve one at a time before moving on to another. Concentrate on your current project or goal.

Try hard and don’t give up!

Get into a habit: for example, get into a habit of writing two pages of your story a day, you’ll be able to achieve your goals easily!

Plan your Time & Energy According to Your Goals

And remember to NEVER GIVE UP!

Let’s achieve our goals together!

What goals have you achieved/want to achieve? Tell me in the comments section below!

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