Book Review: A Pocketful Of Stars ✨

Hello lovely people! It’s Phoenix here and today I’ve come with a book review!

A Pocketful of Stars By Aisha Bushby


Safiya and her mum rarely see eye to eye. But when her mum falls ill, something mysterious happens.

Safiya finds herself transported back in time to her mum’s childhood home in Kuwait.

And it becomes clear that this isn’t just a magical place: it’s a game.

As she figures out how to play, she realises that opening her heart to the past is the key to changing her future…?

How I found this book:

Anything that has stars in the title intrigues me 😂. I love books about bravery, courage and adventure and this book has all three.

It was a great read altogether, and It’s a bit emotional too, but I would still 100% recommend it to you.

It’s a beautifully penned book, for all ages and doesn’t the cover look AWESOME? – Sorry, I had to include that.

I rate this book: 5/5 because its honestly amazing. But you have to read it to believe it so….

Get A Pocketful Of Stars here!

Thank you so much for reading, I would love to hear your thoughts down below in the comments!

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Thanks aagain for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.

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31 thoughts on “Book Review: A Pocketful Of Stars ✨

  1. I would Loveeeee to read a book like this 🙂
    And I would Suggest you th book ‘NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER’ If you loved this book for its bravery and emotional aspect I would suggest you to read that book [you wont regret ;)]


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