Guest post – A poem by Kamya Seervi

Hiya everyone, hope you’re all doing well, today we have a special blogger at Penable, Kamya Seervi!

She has written a beautiful poem for her guest post on Penable, and it’s about how she has changed after becoming a part of the WordPress family.

Here it is….

Entering the realm of WordPress

Before I entered this cabalistic world

I was a lonely being.

Whichever situation I was put in,

I only thought about my well-being.


When thrown into scorching fire,

I became a firefly.

When pushed into deep waters,

I became a fish.

And when pushed into the high sky,

I flew like time.

Now, that I’m a part of this magical world,

I have changed.

I can’t be selfish,

‘Cause you’re there with me too.


Throw me into blazing fire,

And I’ll become CO2.

Push me into turbulent waters,

And I’ll become a submarine.

Push me into the limitless sky,

And I’ll spread my wings,

Like a bird taking the flock along

By Kamya Seervi

Wow, that was… Amazing! Who agrees?

Thank you Kamya!

And thank you for reading this post, and as usual, your thoughts are welcome!

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