Fridays with Phoenix! #2

Hey everyone, welcome back to another Fridays with Phoenix where I write about my lifestyle and the crazy but cute life of my eleven month old kitten!

Oh, before I start, has anyone checked out our homepage? It’s new and improved – because the old one wasn’t that great. Check it out here.

I was gifted a Livia’s treat box from relatives. It’s vegan and natural and gluten free but the point is, It’s amazing!

They do something called Dunx. It’s basically these really nice biscuits that you dunk in some sauce or caramel and they come in three delicious flavours.

Then you have nugglets, it’s quite disappointing that there are only five per pack, but they’re AWESOME!

My favourite flavour is the raw cookie dough 😍πŸͺπŸ˜‹

On the topic of food, earlier this week, we made my absolute favourite dessert…

TRIFLE! Triple πŸ˜‹ yum! With fresh blackberries.

I’ve been reading Journey to the river sea.

For me, the start of the book was great, but then I felt like things went down hill a little bit. I was patient till the end, and now I’m ready to admit that this just wasn’t my type…It’s brilliantly written and the description was all there, but for me, it just wasn’t that interesting.

Oh and guess what I found on Google?

And it looks exactly like Lil Phoenix!! I need to print this out and stick it up somewhere πŸ˜‚

On the topic of Lil Phoenix, he is almost a year old! His birthday is in September, and then he won’t be a kitten any more, but a grown cat! 😺πŸ₯° I found a recipe for cupcakes for cats, so we all know what I’m going to make for his birthday…

And it turns out that he wants learn how to write.

Uhhh. Well anything is possible Fini! Yeah, I call him Fini 😺

So, how has your week been? Let me know below!

Thank you so much for staying this long, don’t forget to like, share and leave a comment because I love hearing your thoughts!

Stay safe,

Published by H.R Phoenix, Author

H.R Phoenix is the creator of Penable. She likes to inspire people to write and is an author, editor, proofreader and illustrator. She is currently working on her mystery/thriller debut novel. When she's not working on a short story or writing awesome Penable Posts, she enjoys spending time painting, reading or hanging out with her two cute kittens...

22 thoughts on “Fridays with Phoenix! #2

  1. The new home page is looking great Phoenix. Your delicious pictures made me crave desserts now hehe. Take care!

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