Thursday Poetry Competition!!

Welcome back to another Thursday Poetry Competition! I hope you’re all doing great and today, I want you to write about…

Something that makes you smile. It can be a food that makes you happy, a place or a person who makes you smile, whatever!

Okay writers, off you go! This is your chance to show your talent, and remember our tagline: Anything is possible, anything is Penable!

How do I submit my work?

Part of submitting is to follow Penable and tell at least two people about this Comp.

It’s easy, either submit your entry by typing your name and poem in the comments below or give us a link to your site which has the poem.

Note: please write according to the topic above.

Results will be revealed on Wednesday, until then, have fun!

Can I submit more than one poem?

No, please stick to one.

Is there a prize??

Some comps will have prizes, we’re still working on it.

Can I become a judge?

We choose judges who have many, many followers or are authors. So if you are an author or have many followers, then please let us know as you may have a chance to be a judge next Thursday!

Can anyone choose a topic for next week’s comp?

No, to choose the topic for the next comp, you must be a winner of this one.

Can I tell anyone who is not on WordPress about this comp?

Sure. We would love it if you spread the news about Penable, whether on Instagram, Facebook or twitter or even on your own blog!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, don’t forget to like, share, follow and enter this comp before Tuesday!!!!

Best of luck to you writers,

45 thoughts on “Thursday Poetry Competition!!

  1. Well I don’t mind if Judges with no followers judge or anyone, but I want to make sure that the person is fit enough to judge. I can’t have just anyone judging, or it may not be fair.

    I trust you, so if you want to judge, I don’t mind! 😊

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  2. Hello Phoenix. How are you? Here’s me entry. This poem is entitled “Cotton Clouds”. Here it goes-

    I have been trapped in my home for ages
    When one day, I decided to go down for cycling
    I looked up at the sky and I saw you
    I don’t know how but my gaze had fixed upon you
    You looked like cotton floating in air
    Oh you looked so surreal-
    high up in the sky and just enough for my imagination to touch you and feel a bit of the cotton mush.
    I saw you floating you looked as soft as cushion
    I could feel how heavenly your body looked, as I admired you, even the sky blushed.

    I felt I could reach you.
    I stretched my hand, trying to grab you
    Trying to feel a bit of the cotton-like-thing you are
    But all my hands grabbed was empty air,
    No matter how far I tried to stretch
    I turned away disappointed
    But your sight made me smile, yet again.
    I kept gazing for as long as I could
    I could see a bit of myself in you
    I know that’s odd- but it’s also true
    I could see formations engraved in you
    And how they kept changing as I shifted my view.

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