Poem – World Leaders

Hey everyone, here is a poem I wrote based on World Leaders. Enjoy!

You crashed on our land

You warmed to our hearts

Made us believe and love and trust

Then you left us in the dust

Because our opinions didn’t matter anymore

You just didn’t care

And it was a lie when we said we had nothing to fear

Because deep down you weren’t our leader

You were always a stranger

A smiling plague

That pointed at our colour

We backed you up

And you ripped off our honour

Because deep down you were always a stranger

We said good of you to please you

We respected you like a host to a guest

And you threw us down like we were nothing

Caused chaos and unrest

Then blamed it on our good and our best

Because deep down you were always a stranger

A smiling, sneaky plague

You left us afraid

To correct your mistakes

You thought you were right

But you were cruel

And we were fools

And when the world faced us

We said we were strong

And that we’d always honour you

By H.R Phoenix

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Stay safe,

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