Thursday Poetry Competition!!

Hey everyone, I hope you’re doing fantastic and welcome back to another Poetry Competition.

Today’s topic is…. Seasons! Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall, or you can write about all of them!

Okay everyone, we want you to send in your AWESOME work on Seasons or anything related to seasons. Please stick to the topic.

So hand it in, writers this is your chance to show your talent!

How do I submit my work?

Part of submitting is to follow Penable and tell at least two people about this Comp.

It’s easy, either submit your entry by typing your name and poem in the comments below or give us a link to your site which has the poem.

Note: please write according to the topic above.

Results will be revealed on Wednesday, until then, have fun!

Can I submit more than one poem?

No, please stick to one.

Is there a prize??

Some comps will have prizes, we’re still working on it.

Can I become a judge?

We choose judges who have many, many followers or are authors. So if you are an author or have many followers, then please let us know as you may have a chance to be a judge next Thursday!

Can anyone choose a topic for next week’s comp?

No, to choose the topic for the next comp, you must be a winner of this one.

Can I tell anyone who is not on WordPress about this comp?

Sure. We would love it if you spread the news about Penable, whether on Instagram, Facebook or twitter or even on your own blog!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, don’t forget to like, share, follow and enter this comp before Tuesday!!!!

Best of luck to you writers,

18 thoughts on “Thursday Poetry Competition!!

  1. Hello Phoenix! I have written something on ‘fall’. Here it is-
    I made my way through the street
    It had a long row of tress on its side, literally
    I am not the biggest fan of getting bugs on my face
    So I frowned as the leaves slapped my rosy cheeks.
    I stepped on a dry leaf
    It made a crunch sound with filled my ears with music
    It soothed me and, my body felt free
    Free from carrying the weight of the world
    And sighing at every mistake that changed a part of the true me.
    The wind blew against my face, again
    I started flowing with it
    And it felt like everything was back in its place
    Everything made sense
    My mind cleared with the season of fall
    As my childlike spirit continued to step on the leaves, not leaving out any at all.

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