New course for the Penable Academy

A huge thank you to growth instructor, coach and influencer Vincent Ehindro for taking the time to create a new brilliant course for the Penable Academy!

Head to and enroll for free!

Don’t forget to give feedback, and if you’re interested in doing a writing course, contact me directly at

I’d appreciate it if you could share the news about the Penable Academy so we can carry on creating awesome new writing courses.


15 thoughts on “New course for the Penable Academy

  1. Hello H.R. Phoenix I have not sent you a message for some time. I also was hoping to talk with a good friend and your partner in the Roaring Flames Writing Club. Her blog is private now. Is she all right ? I feel concerned that something took place that was not a very good thing. But it is just my gut feeling about our dear friend. Hope I am wrong about my gut feelings. Say hello if you can from me. James A. Best-Author-Blogger

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  2. Hi James, nice to hear from you.

    I actually haven’t heard from her in a while.
    I have sent her a couple of messages and will keep you updated.

    Thank you so much for letting me know – I had no idea her blog is now private.
    I am now concerned as well.

    I hope everything is alright with her. Do you have any thoughts on what took place?

    Thank you for your concern.

    Stay safe,

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  3. Hi Phoenix I am concerned because everything was alright or I thought it was. Then nothing no more blogs , no more anything. I pray she is not one of the ones who is suffering long term effects from ,if she had it. I am praying she is alright and pray no harm has come her way. Let me know if you hear from her. I sent her a message but have not heard back from her.

    Thank you for getting back to me so soon.

    Stay safe,

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  4. Thank you once more for informing me. I do hope she’s alright and will try to find out what is wrong.
    I will keep you updated. Please let me know if you have any other important thoughts on this matter. It is quite unusual of her.

    Stay well and safe,

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  5. You are welcome. I did ask some one else who knows her and have not heard back from her either. She just posted on her blog a couple of weeks ago. I will keep trying to find out if I can.

    Stay Safe and be careful,

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  6. Hi Phoenix That is awesome news to hear about her. Thank you for letting me know she is safe and well. I look forward to her return when she decides to come back. God bless you her and you, Phoenix. Thank you again my good friend. James

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