Procrastination and how to overcome it – Course by Emanuella Igwe

This course is taught by Lifestyle and relationship blogger Emanuella Igwe for the Penable Academy.


Procrastination refer to as the  act of postponing and delaying a piece of work, duties, job, or tasks for later.  Some scholars have explain procrastination as a “form of self-regulation failure described by the irrational delay of tasks despite potentially negative consequences.

Procrastination, as the name imply means ‘time theft’, reason is that, it takes away the time used to work and shatters the dreams and aspirations.

According to Joseph Ferrari, a professor of psychology at DePaul University in Chicago and author of “Still Procrastinating: The No Regret Guide to Getting It Done,” around 20% of U.S. adults are chronic procrastinators.

Regardless of how efficient and submitted you are, odds are that you have ended up misusing hours on inconsequential interests (staring at the TV, refreshing your Facebook status, surging  on the web) when you ought to have been investing that energy in work or school-related work. Whether you are dodging schoolwork tasks, or disregarding family errands, delaying can majorly affect your activity, your tasks and your job in life.  Much of the time, procrastination is certainly not an indication of a major issue. It’s a typical propensity that a great many people surrender to eventually.

Everyone is as guilty as I am on this aspect; over time i keep putting off tasks at hand for later or tomorrow, until  it has reached its deadline and in the end, i’m left with a fair result due to rushing, in order to make ends meet.

Procrastination keep happening in our society and around our household. When you are supposed to finish your work before the due date, you  begin to remember the pictures you have not like on facebook, and you get your phone just to start watching videos on your favorite social media network; meanwhile, you have forgotten that there are work you need to finish.  

During exams in  college, you see the students attending parties, messing around  and watching movies, thinking there’s no exams or test on the way, putting their work pending for “I prefer to work under pressure” and all that. And in the end, some get a carry over while  others get a not so good grade. Students keep on overestimating on how much time they have left to perform their academic tasks, how motivated they will be in the future, how long certain activities will take to complete and they mistakenly assume that they need to be in the right frame of mind to prepare for their test or work.

We frequently expect that activities won’t take as long to complete as they truly will, which can prompt an incorrect feeling that all is well with the world when we accept that we actually have a lot of time to finish these assignments.

Perhaps the greatest factor adding to procrastination  is the idea that we need to feel propelled or inspired to deal with a task at a specific second.

Procrastination can likewise be an aftereffect of depression.  Sentiments of sadness, defenselessness, self doubt, and an absence of vitality can make it hard to begin and end the easiest work. At the point when you can’t make sense of how to handle a task or work or feel uncertain about your capacities, you may think that its simpler to put it off and dealing with different activities.


Individuals regularly accept that delaying is just a question of resolution, yet truly, the circumstance is unquestionably more perplexing than that.

At the point when confronted with a choice to make or a work to finish, we typically depend on our poise so as to drive ourselves to complete things. Moreover, our inspiration, which depends on the desire for accepting some compensation for our endeavors, can uphold our discretion, and make it almost certain that we will complete things in a convenient way.

Nonetheless, there are additionally different demotivating factors that we can insight, which have a contrary impact than our inspiration, implying that they make us bound to procrastinate.


Uncertainty can make people procrastinate because they are unable to settle on choices in an ideal way. This can be an issue in different manners,  just like, when an individual can’t choose which strategy to take part in, or when an individual needs to settle on a specific choice before they can push forward with their overall strategy.

For instance, an individual may postpone beginning an activity, since they can’t choose when to begin practicing plan. Additionally, an individual may postpone beginning on the task given, since they can’t conclude on how to go about it.

Feeling Overpowered

Individuals some of the time delay a task, in light of the fact that they feel overpowered as to the assignments that they have to deal with. A sentiment of overpower can happen because of an assortment of reasons, such that having a solitary work that feels tremendous , or having an enormous number of little work or project  that include. At the point when this occurs, an individual may just choose to dodge the works being referred to, or they may endeavor to deal with them, however then wind up feeling incapacitated before those assignments are finished.


Individuals some of the time delay since they feel on edge about a work that they have to deal with.

For instance, somebody who feels on edge about checking their bills may more than once postpone doing as such, despite the fact that this evasion won’t cause the issue to disappear.

This issue can be particularly problematic in situations where an individual’s nervousness increments because of their steady postponement, which can prompt a howlback where somebody feels on edge about a specific assignment, which makes them delay as opposed to doing it, which makes them much more on edge, which thus makes them procrastinate considerably further.

Work Inconsistency

This happens on the grounds that, when all is said in done, the more individuals locate a specific work unappealing, the more probable they are to need to dodge it, and subsequently the almost certain they are to procrastinate.

For instance, in the event that you have to settle on a significant telephone decision to somebody you loathe, you may wind up postponing rather than simply completing it, since you would prefer not to converse with them.


Now and again, People’s compulsiveness can prompt delaying in various manners, for example, by making somebody so scared of committing an error that they end up not making any move whatsoever, or by making somebody so stressed of distributing something with any imperfections that they wind up improving their venture uncertainly as opposed to delivering it when it’s prepared.


Laziness can make a person procrastinate on things that matter most to them because it shows the person’s unwillingness to do the tasks and to make an effort; disinclined to exertion.

For instance, a person might feel lazy to wash a cloth and postpone the washing of the  clothes for tomorrow which that tomorrow might still be push for another day.

Fear Of Failure   

People procrastinate because they are scared of failing  at a project or tasks given, that needs to be achieve. Fear of failure can eventually leads to someone procrastinating in so many ways.

How apprehensive somebody is of coming up short, is commonly identified with how significant the assignment being referred to is, so more significant tasks  are regularly connected with more elevated levels of postponement, in situations where dread of disappointment is the driving reason behind the individual’s delay.

Moreover, certain character qualities, for example, low confidence and low self-assurance, are related with an expanded dread of disappointment, which makes individuals who have these traits more prone to procrastinate.

In addition, dread of disappointment is a particularly significant issue among the individuals who experience the ill effects of elevated levels of self-question, and especially among the individuals who are inclined to having negative, unreasonable

convictions about their capacities.


Procrastination can be as a result someone suffering from depression. Reason is that, when someone is depress, the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness come in, together with lack of energy to do the tasks or duties at hand.

 Note that, they are other reason why people procrastinate like Lack of motivation and energy, Lack of perseverance, Impulsivity, Distractibility, Sensation seeking, Rebellion, etc.

However these reason are not as strong as the ones stated above.


Since we have seen the reason why people procrastinate, now we are going to find a solution to fight and end it.

Fighting procrastination, is one of the biggest steps to follow in life because, as you try to fight and overcome it, it’ll move you into doing your tasks at the right time, which would definitely lead to success.

Here, are some  guides to ending procrastination

Separate your Work into Little Steps

Part of the motivation behind why we delay our work or tasks given is on the grounds that subliminally, we see the work as excessively overpowering for us. Separate it into little parts, at that point center around one section at that point. On the off chance that you actually procrastinate on the assignment in the wake of separating it, at that point separate it considerably further. Before long, your work will be easy to the point that you will think “hmm, this is easy to such an extent that I should get it done at this point”

Make a Detailed Timeline with Specific Deadlines

One thing to note is that a situation that causes us to feel propelled before may lose its impact after a timeframe

We get the feeling that we have time and hold pushing everything back, until it’s past the point of no return.

At that point, make a general timetable with explicit cutoff times for every little assignment. Along these lines, you realize you need to complete each task by a specific date. Your timetables must be strong, as well – that is,  in the event that you don’t complete this by today, it will risk everything else you have arranged after that. This way it makes the direness to act.

Dispose of Your Procrastination Pit-Stops

On the off chance that you are lingering excessively a lot, possibly that is on the grounds that you make it simple to procrastinate .

Distinguish your program bookmarks that take up a great deal of your time and move them into a different envelope that is less available.

I realize a few people will off the beaten path and erase or deactivate their facebook accounts. I believe it’s somewhat extraordinary and outrageous as tending to lingering is more about being aware of our activities than neutralizing by means of self-restricting techniques, yet in the event that you feel that is what’s required, put it all on the line.

Spend time with People Who Inspire You to Take Action

The individuals we are will impact our practices. Obviously investing energy with the individuals who motivate us consistently is likely not an attainable strategy, yet the guideline applies

Get a Partner

Having a partner makes the entire cycle significantly more fun. Preferably, your companion ought to be somebody who has his/her own arrangement of objectives. Both of you will consider each other responsible to your objectives and plans. While it’s a bit much for both of you to have similar objectives, it’ll be surprisingly better if that is the situation, so you can gain from one another.

Educate Others Concerning Your Goals

Tell every one of your companions, associates, colleagues and family about your activities. Presently at whatever point you see them, they will undoubtedly get some information about your status on those tasks.

In the event that you have been delaying for an all-encompassing timeframe, it may show a misalignment between what you need and what you are as of now. Regularly, we grow out of our objectives as we find more about ourselves, however we don’t change our objectives to show that.

Move away from your work (a short get-away will be acceptable, else only an end of the week break or staycation will do as well) and set aside some effort to refocus yourself. What precisely would you like to accomplish? What would it be advisable for you to do to arrive? What are the means to take? Accomplishes your present work line up with that? If not, what can be done?

Don’t let procrastination take control  over your life.

By nuellaigwe, a lifestyle and relationship blogger

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11 thoughts on “Procrastination and how to overcome it – Course by Emanuella Igwe

  1. A certified procrastinator here 🙋🏻‍♀️ not something to be proud of though. These last few weeks have been hard, I was unmotivated to do things and end up binge watching tv series. The way I come around my laziness is do the task immediately, I used to put off things to the point of not doing it anymore when I can basically do it right away the moment I think about doing the task.

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  2. A great post!! This is something a lot of us need, especially with lack of motivation in online school.
    By the way, this is just a suggestion, but it might be easier to break up each lesson into separate posts (if they’re long). But it’s up to you 😊

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  3. Thank you for this. I know I procrastinate out of fear and/or avoidance. It’s why I keep a schedule. Writing is difficult and it’s easy to let moods dominate the situation. Yet, when I sit down everyday I know that all I have to do is keep the schedule and then I can choose to do other things. And I feel better about myself. So far for the last several years this has worked well. Thanks for this post.

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  4. Thank you for reading Wardah, I’m glad that you enjoyed it! That’s a brilliant suggestion, but the on the Penable Academy page each poster of the course has a link to the course… So I don’t know if I can add many links….

    But would you like me to split up your poetry course into different posts? It’s your choice ☺️

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  5. You’re welcome!

    Ah that makes sense. Maybe you could make a separate post with the links to all the different lessons? Don’t know if that would get messy though. Just do whatever is easier, I’m fine with either way 😊❤

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