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In this course, growth instructor, coach and influencer, Vincent Ehindro gives note-worthy tips and advice on how to stay motivated to write.

How to stay motivated to write

As humans, we learn to stay motivated to do some “vital” things like getting out of bed early, taking our bath on time, preparing our food at the right time, punctuality, etc

But have you ever considered the one part that you might not really pay attention to —- motivation for writing.

Just as you can motivate yourself to achieve goals and beat deadlines, you can also motivate yourself to write.

Now, I assume that by reading this course, you are a writer (either blogging or freelancing) and you really want to improve your writing power! (And then make writing your superpower..haha)

**Quick question

Do you believe that your writings can change the world positively? If you do, then you are in the right mindset to progress further into this course. If you don’t, then I advise contacting any of the teachers.

Let’s continue….


  1. When you write, appreciate your writings first.

Whether you like it or not, most people aren’t going to give a thumbs up to what you do, if you haven’t given what you do a thumbs up.

It’s very essential to be the pusher of your own vehicle of self appreciation.

Whenever I write, I tell myself “oh wow! I am going to be a superstar very soon” and I actually become so happy with my writings.

When I appreciate my writings, then I have the boldness to share it out with the world.

Same with you.

When you appreciate your writings, you are telling yourself that your writings is what anyone can do anything, just to read what you write.

Your writings have to be “mind-blowing” to you firstly, before it’s mind-blowing to other people.

If it’s not “rubbish” to you, then it can never be rubbish to other readers.

Write and appreciate. Write and appreciate. No one has to like it before you appreciate your writing.

You’ve got to be your own biggest cheerleader.

**Do-it-yourself lesson*

     After every of your writings, look at them and appreciate them. Tell yourself positive words. Smile when you read the amazing bullet points that you wrote down. Be happy and pleased with your writings, no matter what category of writing it is.

  1. Make writing fun!

When your writing experiences are fun, then you WILL always be motivated to write more and more and more!

I have some tips on how I made writing fun for me, you can also try them out and I’m pretty sure it would work for you also.

Collaborate with other writers.

Trust me, I know of some very close friends that share blogs with other amazing writers. They run blogs together, and do guest posting.

When you collaborate with other writers, you will feel very happy because you are mixing with people of the same interest as yours—-to become successful writers.

And collaboration brings you with other people of different countries around the world. So in a way, you make fun connections and even friendships with these amazing people.

This is something you should definitely try out someday. It makes the whole writing experience very fun for you!

  1. Writing Challenges

Hosting writing challenges is a way of creating that needed “vibe” around your own writings and even among other writers.

You can hold writing challenges with fun hashtags like #storyofyourlifechallenge

This creates awareness among you and your writers and also gives you extra fun, because you are seeing people use your writing challenge to create amazing writings.

There are a lot of fun writing challenges. It can be on anything and the whole world will be so engrossed in it.

This is always very fun and will keep you on the edge of your bed, itching to step out, take your phone and get back to writing immediately it’s dawn!

Find a reason to write each day.

It depends on how you take your writings that you will put the required efforts into it.

If you take your writings as an hobby, you will put in the efforts like an hobby. If you take your writings with all your heart and you believe it’s your purpose, you will focus on it wholeheartedly.

Always find a reason to write something every day. It’s not compulsory that it must be a 500-1000 words article. It can just be a very short story or something.

Constantly write.

Sometimes you might not feel like writing. It’s called a writer’s block. There’s a course on writer’s block in on Penable. You can go check it out.

But to be motivated for writing, you have to be constantly engaging yourself in the process. You have to write. If you are tired, then rest, and come back to writing. Sleep, have fun, watch movies, do all your other daily activities, and then write for at least 20mins every day. Set this as a challenge for yourself.

Forbes, entrepreneur, google, Inc, and all other big magazines will only call you when they see the quality of your writings. And that quality can be achieved by constant practicing and constant engaging in sharpening your writing skills.

Do-it-yourself lesson

   Write daily for a minimum of 20mins. It can be anything you want. It can even be a birthday article or poem. Whatever schedule you have and how convenient it will be for you, please make sure you write something daily.

  1. Be healthy.

Look after your body very well. Sometimes, you might write so much and you feel mentally fatigued, or you just seem tired of everything.

That’s your body reeling you signs to calm down and have a nice break.

If you ignore these warning signs of your body, then your whole body and mind will always be uncomfortable when you are writing. Your body would not be in support of your writing process because it’s needs have not been attended to.

So whenever you write, take breaks.

For instance, I take water breaks when I write. In fact, as I was writing this wonderful course, I took breaks of up to 3 hours. I had to go nap, attend to some things, eat, drink water, etc.

So you must take breaks. It’s very essential.

There is something called Mental Fatigue, and it’s real. It is when you are in a state of restlessness.

I have experienced mental fatigue, because I didn’t take care of my health when writing.

And this made my loose interest in writing for some time.


If you don’t attend to your health, you will lose interest in writing. And it can be very bad, because precious time will be wasted.

So please, before you begin writing, put a glass of water by your side. Then at intervals, you can pause, go out of your house and breathe in the scent of Mother Nature. Then you can return back to your writing with renewed inspiration and motivation.

Trust me, it works very well. Yours might be another thing. You can pause your writings and listen to songs, watch some comedy skit, play a quick game, etc

Whichever way works for you, please embrace it wholeheartedly.


These are the ways of staying motivated to write, that I’ve tested on myself and on some people, and it came out with positive testimonies.

Writing is a gift remember. Everyone can write, but not everyone can WRITE. You can WRITE, and that’s what makes you unique from other people.

So don’t see writing as a burden or something that should give you inconvenience.

See it as a gift that once mastered, can change people’s lives positively.

Make sure you follow the above steps that I mentioned. Keep going back to the points.

Penable has made this course free, and that’s awesome for you! You will learn about this amazing information and every other enlightenment as a writer for free!

Please. This is an opportunity. This course was created because of YOU. So make sure you make the best out of it.

If you have any questions, please reach out via the contacts or the teachers section of this site.


Observe and follow the above points and then after a month, please share your experiences with Penable at If you need any improvement, we will always be ready to help.

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