Introduction to Essay Writing

You probably hate writing essays. They take up too much time that could be used playing video games or updating your Instagram. 

Essay writing is dull and boring, but over the next few days, I’ll be posting tips and simple steps to help you write the perfect essay. 

Yep, sounds pretty unbelievable, but I think you can do it! 

What is an essay? 

An essay is a type of academic writing, and if you go to school or any classes, you may be asked to write a few pages on a certain subject. Or perhaps you would’ve chosen the topic yourself.

Essays are written to bring ideas, evidence and arguments together, and to discuss a problem, pass on a message or answer a question.

Why do I find essay writing boring? 

If you don’t find essay writing tedious, then that’s awesome! If you do, then this probably is because… 

  • Your writing is not exciting enough
  • If you’re new to essay writing, then you’re probably not finding it boring, just hard
  • You’re taking it too, too seriously, spending hours on a piece of writing, trying to perfect it

I  find essay writing really enjoyable actually, at first it was difficult, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be getting gold stars on your writing. (Well maybe not gold stars, but you’ll be really good at it!) 

What does essay writing do for you?

Yeah, essay writing isn’t only for entertaining your teachers, it actually does something for you! Here are some reasons why essay writing is pretty awesome!

  • You’re always learning new things. You need to research your topic for your essay, and in doing so, you’re collecting new and interesting information. 
  • Improves your presenting skills. Sometimes, you may be asked to read out your essay in front of the class, or some audience. This builds up your confidence, presenting and maybe even debating skills.
  • It gives you arguing, organising and writing skills

Essay writing does take some time, but remember to plan it out carefully, and don’t start on the night before your deadline!

You don’t have to work on it all the time, remember to take breaks to get your imagination and words flowing.

I’ll see you in the next post (researching and brainstorming) which will be out soon!

Stay safe and happy writing,

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