How to improve your writing skills – 5 top tips

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well and I’ll be giving you some awesome tips that will improve your writing skills.

1. Don’t be the judge of your own writing

Yes, you can just read your work yourself, or you can ask others for feedback. By asking other people to read your piece, you’ll get honest, constructive feedback from other people’s perspective.

As writers, we’re connected to our work…and sometimes we can be biased without knowing. We may think our work is terrible all the time, or awesome all the time. And to be honest, this really doesn’t get you anywhere. Don’t be afraid to share your work, create a blog, post and get feedback, because we’re not really the best person to judge our writing.

2. Write often

This seems like a really basic tip, but it is really important. Daily writing clears your mind and makes you more organised. Eliminate distractions and find time to write.

If you want to improve in anything, it takes practice. The more you write and edit, the better you’ll get at it. Try a writing prompt a day, or keep a diary and practice writing.

3. Find a writing buddy!

Many writers, including myself, enjoy solitute, but writing can get a little lonely at some point.

Find a friend or relative, talk to them about your ideas and get them to read your work. A writing partner can spot and correct mistakes you may have overlooked. You can motivate and encourage eachother to keep writing and you’ll both get much-needed feedback and criticism and advice on your work.

4. Don’t be afraid to write what you think

Some of us don’t even put pen to paper in the fear of what others think.

What if they don’t like it? What if they laugh? What if my writing is actually terrible?

Don’t even think about that! Just write it all down.

Your opinions matter. Your own words. Don’t write what others tell you to, or think about what will sell or what people are interested or looking for. Sometimes, it’s awesome to know your future audience, and what they like to read.

Don’t be shy to share your opinions – your book may turn out to be a bestseller one day!

5. Self-publish

Writing, and then hiding your work in a folder or drawer away from the world won’t make you a better writer.

You can write to publishers, and wait a long time for one of them to accept your work, but that shouldn’t prevent you from sharing your work with the world.

I self-published my first poetry e-book on Amazon last year, and I was so pleased to finally share my work to the public. I learnt a lot of things, and got much-needed feedback that helped me improve my writing, which has definitely changed and grown since then.

You can set a deadline for yourself and push yourself to achieve your writing goal, and get self-published. You can check out one of my first Penable posts which is about self-publishing on Amazon KDP here.

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