8 fantastic gifts for writers!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.

Maybe you have a friend who loves writing, or maybe you just want to treat yourself for achieving your writing goal.

Here are 8 gifts for writers, which I think are pretty awesome!

  1. Writer’s Tea

I prefer cold drinks (in any weather) over hot ones – but these tins, with quotes and unique flavours look great and have gotten many amazing reviews too!

Tea it has been said can spark an instant burst of brainpower and creativity within just a few minutes of drinking a good quality brew. 

If you are someone who loves to write, and drink tea, this a wonderful gift to treat yourself with!

Find more about this product here.

2. The Storymatic

This box. Has. Six trillion stories.

The Storymatic is a perfect game for a party and a wrecking-ball for writer’s block. Simply combine a few cards and enjoy the experience of a story or memory taking shape behind your eyes. How you tell it is up to you. Write it, draw it, act it, sing it!

Find out more about The Storymatic here.

3. LED book light

Who doesn’t like reading at night or in bed?

This is a fantastic gift for any writer or book lover.

If any inspiration hits you in the middle of the night…attach to your notebook and write away!

Find more about this product here.

4. A Writer’s mug

Even if you don’t drink tea, this awesome mug looks good on your desk or as a pen holder too!

There’s also this one:


And then this lovely mug:

How sweet.

And many more humorous mugs to choose from!

Find out more about these products here.

5. Typewriter Design Bluetooth Keyboard

This wireless keyboard comes in three colours, with a typewriter design. Type all your amazing stories on this cool keyboard that’s compatible with cell phones, tablets, and laptops.

Find more about this product here.

6. Literary Candles

From Sherlock’s study and a Headmaster’s office to Reading in a cafe and old books, Frostbeard Studio’s candles captures wonderful and unique scents for writers and book lovers!

These scented candles evoke fictional worlds, literary characters, and the pleasure of reading

There are so many magical products to choose from, and you can find them all here.

7. Aqua-notes

No more great ideas down the drain!

I recently found out about Aqua-notes which is, yes, a waterproof notebook. So you can write in the rain, in the shower, wherever!

Find out about this product here.

8. Typewriter pen holder

How cute is this?

This is a brilliant addition to any desk! It looks great and holds all those pens that roll of the table while you write (you know what I mean).

Find out more about this product here.

Thank you for reading, and let me know how you found this post below!

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Stay safe,

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