Daily Wisdom #5

‘Nothing in the world can trouble you more than your own thoughts.’


The worst enemy you can ever have is your own thoughts.

Some of us give up easily, because of other people’s comments, and because of our own thoughts.

I just posted on my blog, and no one commented. Does that mean it was a bad post?

On my first few weeks on WordPress, hardly anyone followed me or left a comment.

That didn’t mean that my poetry and stories were terrible. I waited, and posted often, and sent the link to my blog to people, and they started to come. They commented on how they thought my work was, and gave some very helpful feedback and advice.

Everyone wants to be successful, but if you think you’re useless, then maybe you should work on something else for a little while, or take a break and come back with new, awesome ideas. If you don’t do anything about it, or try really hard to be like someone else, then you’re not going to get anywhere.

Stop doubting yourself, if things are not working out, just stay patient.

If you’re always doubtful about every step you take, how do you expect to be successful?

Just try hard, and believe in yourself.

Stay safe,

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