Book review – Infinite World by Rishika Jain

Book review – Infinite World by Rishika Jain.

I love writing poetry, but I don’t read many poetry books. And out of all of the poetry books I have read so far, honestly, this is my favourite!

Infinite world is bursting with beautifully written poetry about the world’s wonders.

From magical oceans, dreams, stunning skies, cotton clouds and seas, this ebook is a collection of vivid descriptions and soothing lines of poetry for all ages to read and enjoy.

Here is an excerpt:


It’s so vast that sometimes I’m awake thinking

What lies under the limitless sea?

Is it treasure?

Or is it something without measure?

The waves are as calming as ever

How gently they touch my feet and recede back

The sand clutches my feet

Embracing nature might be obsolete

But the ocean is still my favourite place to be

Mindless Musing 2

If my thoughts were like waves

If they could go back as quickly as they came

And collect in the ocean of my timeless mind

I’d know no anchor, nor limitless time

Check out the ebook here.

This amazing ebook is written by a fellow blogger, Rishika Jain. Check out her blog for more incredible poetry!

Thank you for reading.

Stay safe,

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