3 Days left! Enter our writing contest and win an amazing prize!

Welcome to another fantastic writing contest!

I hope you’re all well and safe and enter the writing contest below to win a great gift box!

Read the whole post for rules, the registration form and the prize.

Penable May Writing Contest

Deadline: 29th of May

Age : 9+

Fee: it’s free to enter! However please make sure you follow the Penable Net YouTube Channel and tell at least three people about this contest.

The results will be revealed on the 29th of May.

What do I have to write about?

You can write a short story, script, poem or essay about anything you like. There is no chosen theme, and if you’re struggling to find something to write about, click here for some story ideas.

Where should I send in my work?

Register down below. After you’ve done that, send me your work via email: penableme@gmail.comif you haven’t registered, Penable won’t accept your work

Is there a word limit?

Here are the word limits:

Short story: 7,000 words

Poem: 2,000 words

Essay: 5,000 words

Script: 7,000 words


The prize for this contest was kindly given by Just to say gift box.

Just to say gift box creates thoughtful and unique gift boxes to express your gratitude, thank someone, wish someone good luck, cheer someone up and simply treat them or even yourself! You can head to their website and build your own box, adding amazing gifts which arrives to your door quickly and is packaged professionaly.

Click here to head to their Instagram page. Click here to head to their site.

They have kindly created a special box as the prize for our writing contest.


This box is amazing and colourful and who doesn’t love letterbox gifts?

To get a chance to win this super cool prize, register below!


If you are under the age of fifteen, you must have the permission of a parent or guardian before you enter.

We will only take one story per person!

Your work should not contain strong language or inappropriate content.

If you have any questions regarding this competition, please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you very soon!

Register here

After you register, you will recieve an email from Penable and can send me your work.

Have a great time writing your stories and poems, I look forward to reading your amazing entries and remember to share this post with anyone you know who love to write!

Stay safe,

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