Penable Services – Need an editor, proofreader or Illustrator?

Are you an aspriring author? Are you working on a novel or a children’s book? Would you like amazing illustrations and a discount on proofreading and editing services?

I’ve always been passionate about writing and sharing my love for putting pen to paper with all of my amazing and incredible readers and followers.

I’ve been posting writing tips, guest posts, prompts and helpful advice so you can finish, edit and publish the book of your dreams.

Hopefully, my posts have helped you, or will help you, to achieve your writing goals. And I will still be posting (more often) writing tips and new articles on self-publishing, creative writing and tips to improve your poetry writing skills.

If you’re looking to get published, you’ll most-likely need:

  1. A copyeditor and proofreader – Editing and proofreading can be a daunting task and it’s always good to have an extra pair of eyes read and correct your work and make it shine!
  2. A report – This will include general and honest feeback on content issues and things you could improve on and tips and advice on how to improve your craft
  3. An illustrator (if you’re publishing a children’s book) – To create colourful and fun illustrations that will captivate little readers and tell your story in a vivid, magical way

A copyeditor, proofreader and a honest report are important to turn your manuscript into the great story in your head. Skipping copyediting arguably lowers the quality of your manuscript.

Proofreading and editing are crucial parts of the writing process. They help with the effectiveness of your writing style and the clarity of your ideas. 

If you’re looking for an editor, proofreader, illustrator and a report, I’m so happy to announce that Penable now has a service page!

Penable’s services also gives discounts to debut authors!

Are you ready to take your manuscript to another level and transform it into something magical that will boost your sales?

Click the link below:

Take me to the Penable’s Services page!

I can’t wait to work with you and help you on your adventure!

If you have any questions about my services, please drop me a message in the comments!

Stay safe,

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