Choosing a great book title

Is the title important?

Of course the title of your book is important: it has to sound good and catchy and be relevant to your story and unique!

However, choosing a title isn’t one of the most crucial things in terms of writing a book and many authors choose the title after they’ve finished writing and there is no problem in doing so. But in case you’re anxious to pick a title, here are my top tips:

  • Use generators. Sometimes I find title generators pretty annoying and they come up with rubbish titles, but some of them are actually useful and great to spark ideas! Remember that your title has to be relevant to your story and you can tweak the titles the generator gives you.
  • Do research. If you’ve picked a title, you’ll need to research if it exists already or sounds too similar to someone else’s book. If it does sound similar, this can raise confusion from the readers and you could be tangled in trouble. There’s no serious harm, but I’m sure you would like your title to be unique and stand out. I’d advise that you research your characters’ names as well and the places in your story.
  • Make your title unforgettable. Choose a title that makes sense, sounds catchy and sticks in the reader’s mind. A cleverly written title will stand out to other books in the same genre.
  • Make sure your title is appropriate for your genre. If you’re writing in action and adventure, then you shouldn’t choose a dreamy title fit for a romance novel!
  • Your title should raise interest. Like the first line of your book. It should draw the reader’s attention and make them want to read your work.

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