Finding time and space to write

These days, for some of us, free time is rare. I’m sure it’s hard to grab a minute to do what you love when you have so many commitments and activities, places to go and work to catch up on. And when you have spare time, you may want to savour your spare minutes and watch a nice film – you may not even be in the mood to write!

If you’re really serious and dedicated about writing the book of your dreams then the first piece of advice I’d give to you is to give things up. Things that you don’t really need, things that take up time you could use for writing. Things that waste your time, when you could do more productive things.

I’m not saying to get off Social Media, or log off Netflix and stop hanging around, because after a long, tiring day, relaxing is important. But you could easily limit your time on Social Media and Netflix. If you spend two hours watching TV, try to cut it down to one hour and use your spare time for typing up the book of your dreams.

Another piece of advice is to, as I mentioned before, set aside writing time. Fit it into your schedule and tell your friends and family about it so they know not to disturb you. Pretend that the time you use for writing is like an important meeting, because it is important and you have to prioritize your time. You don’t even need to write for five hours straight, it could even be half an hour a day, the important thing is getting the words down.

If you don’t make the time, your book won’t get written. I think that you can make time for writing. If you really, really want to finish the book of your dreams, then I do think that you can make time.

I know so many people who say that they want to write a book, but only a handful actually get round to completing it. It depends on what your WIP means to you. If it’s not that important to you for you to make time for it, the n I don’t know how you’re going to get it written.

For your book to get written, it must mean a lot to you. Do you want to finish your book and be able to see it on the shelves of your favourite bookshops? Do you want to see people reading it and scroll through five-star reviews? Then you need to concentrate and stay focused. If the answer to those questions are yes, then you need to make time.  

Are you willing to compromise? Are you willing to sacrifice your TV time, your Social Media and travelling time? Just cut down on your activities, don’t give them up all together, but cut it down a little. And use that time to write. I promise that it’ll be worth it and I cannot explain in words how happy you’ll feel knowing your book is finished.

Creating a place to write

Maybe you have some super-powers, but I can’t sit and write my books in a noisy environment. I just can’t think about what I’m going to write, I can’t concentrate.

We all need a dedicated space where we can sit, write and work with no distractions and interruptions. When you have your own writing space, you’ll feel happier, comfortable, inspired and get more words down.

Choosing a space may be hard, especially if you live in a small house or with many people. I’ve heard of people who write their books in bed, but I haven’t tried it because I don’t think I’ll stay awake – or inspired.

If you have a spare room, then it’ll be rather easy to turn it into a bright, cosy office area. If you don’t, then you’ll have to make best of the space you do have. Maybe look into little spaces in the corners of other rooms. You don’t need a huge place to write, but it does need to be quiet. It could be on a table and you can easily pack away when you’re done. Don’t choose spaces that simply allow you write. Choose spaces that make you feel creative and motivated!

Once you’ve found an appropriate place to write, remove all distractions.

If you know you’ll pick up your phone and check notifications every time it makes a noise, then you’ll probably have to remove your phone from your writing space, if you want to stay focused.

I used to have a desk in my room, that was against a wall. I would use a huge board, prop it on the table, against the wall and fill it with ideas of whatever I was working on. I would have sketches of my characters, inspiring quotes, checklists, things I need to remember.

Don’t hesitate to really get creative, because the more inspired you are, the more fun writing is to you, the better your work will turn out.

Fill your desk or space with colourful lights and candles. Stick up quotes, sketches, and printed out images that inspire you or remind you of your story. You can even hang up some simple plants. Studies show that plants help us feel less stressed, more relaxed and creative and they look pretty too!

If you’re the organised type of person, keep your area clean and tidy. If you’re the total opposite and you think a cluttered space is fun and fuels you with inspiration then don’t bother tidying it up!

Create a small budget and spend to make your space work for you.

Make sure you get comfortable, whether it means sitting on a bed of pillows and fluffy blankets with your pet curled up on your lap or settling down in a big armchair with a cup of coffee. Don’t get too comfortable and concentrate on everything else except writing. Remember that you’re meant to be working on a book – not going to sleep.

Be sure to tell your children, friends and family that this is your space where you write and only you are allowed in it.

Writing spaces are different for every writer so make sure you’re happy with your space and it works for you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

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6 thoughts on “Finding time and space to write

  1. “Another piece of advice is to, as I mentioned before, set aside writing time. Fit it into your schedule and tell your friends and family about it so they know not to disturb you.” Thank you this is a key concept that I struggle with. It’s also a concept that I am working on. keep up the good writing.

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