Thursday poetry competition, the results!!!

Last week we had our popular Thursday Poetry competition and the topic was isolation. We had this comp judged by Ingrid. She is one extraordinary woman who is a great poet herself and runs an awesome blog called Experiments in fiction. Ingrid kindly agreed to judge this competition and before I reveal the winner, sheContinue reading “Thursday poetry competition, the results!!!”

Why we chose ‘Writing’ for our theme on Penable

Why is Penable’s main theme ‘Writing’? Many people have started writing a novel or poetry or an essay and have given up. We’re here to inspire you and bring you back. Many people that I know are struggling with writing and need help, tips and tricks on how to make their work better – that’sContinue reading “Why we chose ‘Writing’ for our theme on Penable”

10 of my TOP tips for writing Poetry!!!

For those who are not aware, I am an author of a short poetry ebook on Amazon called Sensations and stars and other poems. Do check it out ❤️ And some of my amazing followers have requested for me to do a post on some poetry tips, and I know that there are some reallyContinue reading “10 of my TOP tips for writing Poetry!!!”

Chocolate Banana Croissant French Toast — A Cup Of Me

Okay, I knowww Penable is based on writing and books, but I found this really delish recipe that I wanted to share with you guys….. So many delicious words in one recipe! Its the month of Ramadhan, we are in lockdown, we are fasting, we are stuck at home. I really shouldnt be talking aboutContinue reading “Chocolate Banana Croissant French Toast — A Cup Of Me”

Why you should visit WILD SCARED CRAZY

A place of endless discovery. A place where you can read. Learn. And love. This site is a real bordem buster, packed with amazing posts, overflowing with beautiful poetry and entertainment. With something to read for everyone, it is a must visit blog, brimming with friendship. Visit: The author of this blog is oneContinue reading “Why you should visit WILD SCARED CRAZY”

3 THRILLER story ideas!

If you’re reading this post then you must be a HUGE fan of THRILLER. Mabye you want to become a thriller story writer like Stephen King or mabye you just want to write a short story for yourself when you are bored. I bet you’re getting bored of reading this intro, so scroll down forContinue reading “3 THRILLER story ideas!”

Want a taste of my poetry?

‘I live a life of no fairytales. As I always have been. Sometimes you have to look past wishes. For the things that need to be seen.’ ……… An extract from I live a life of no fairytales. Want the full poem and many other beautiful verses? Buy my poetry book: Sensations and stars andContinue reading “Want a taste of my poetry?”


Being an author has been a lifelong dream which has just come true! If you have been reading recent Penable posts, you may have heard that i have been working on a poetry book. And I am SUPER pleased to say that you can purchase this ebook on Amazon!!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Someone tell me this isn’tContinue reading “Big News: MY BOOK HAS BEEN PUBLISHED – GET IT NOW!!!!”

How to publish an ebook:

So some people have requested for me to write an article on how to publish an ebook. Now these days, millions of people are using kindle books, which I’m sure you’ve heard of. In fact, I’ve published a poetry book on Amazon Kindle books and I’m pleased to say that it will be out inContinue reading “How to publish an ebook:”

Soothing Smoothies and a book

It’s almost summer and for the past few days, It has been boiling weather! On a really hot day, what I enjoy the most is a cool, delightful drink to sip with a book. So I give you, Soothing Smoothies and a book! 5 DELICIOUS and so super simple smoothie recipes. 1. Super strawberry andContinue reading “Soothing Smoothies and a book”

Poetry Thursday competition #2

SORRY, THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED, YOU MAY HAVE A CHANCE NEXT THURSDAY TO ENTER. It’s Thursday and that only means one thing, Penable’s second writing competition! Last week, over 30 people entered our first competition and only one won. And so the winner has agreed to kindly choose the topic of today’s comp, VictoriaContinue reading “Poetry Thursday competition #2”

The winner of the poetry competition! 10th of March…..

It’s Wednesday 10th of March! The sun is shining. The birds are singing. And here are the results for last Thursday’s poetry competition! Last week Penable launched its first Poetry competition and since then has gotten over 30 entries. Thank you to all! We sincerely appreciate the time and effort spent into your poems, itContinue reading “The winner of the poetry competition! 10th of March…..”


THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. ANY OTHER SUBMISSIONS WILL BE DELETED. PLEASE WAIT UNTIL THURSDAY FOR ANOTHER COMPETITION. Calling all writers and poets, to Penable’s first Thursday poetry competition❤️ This Thursday’s challenge is…….. Dreams! This topic was chosen by the author, poet, writer, fantastic Ritu Bhathal! Whether it’s a nightmare or a peaceful dream, weContinue reading “POETRY THURSDAY COMPETITION.”

3 Winter descriptions for your next story

Feel free to use any of the descriptions below for your stories, poems, ect. Snowflakes as delicate as lace twirled down from a perfectly white sky with such elegance and grace that anyone could mistake them as ballerinas in ivory leotards. 2. She pulled a wooly hat over her reddened ears, licked her bluish lipsContinue reading “3 Winter descriptions for your next story”

Mystery book of the month award…..

This month’s mystery book award goes to a thrilling tale following two twins and their very creepy school. The award goes to….. SOPHIE CLEVERLY. This very extraordinary author has written a children’s tale, SCARLET AND IVY. It has been read by many fans all over the world and it has grown famous for it’s mainContinue reading “Mystery book of the month award…..”

Three books to chill up your days

I love books. They take me to another world far, far away and allure me with their amazing characters and plots. And who doesn’t love stories with a twist? Here are three books to chill you up this winter❄️😁. Dan Brown’s INFERNO. As a huge fan of mystery and murder, I found this book fantastic.Continue reading “Three books to chill up your days”