Young Writer’s Programme

A free programme offering services for young writers

Get constructive and editorial advice, help and support every step of the way in your writing journey.

What is the Young Writers Programme?

The main goal of this project is to help all young writers (aged 18 or under) write the book of their dreams and get published.

How does it work?

Every month a maximum of twenty writers (this could be expanded if there’s a demand or waiting list) sign up using the form on the button above and get enrolled into the programme.

Writing a book isn’t easy. So as soon as the programme begins, each writer is assigned their own team that consists of a book coach, beta reader/s, copyeditor and editorial assistant. The team will work with the writer for the next two months to help them write their novel, offering their services for free.

In the last month of the programme, an editorial assistant will step in to polish the final manuscript.

If the writer wishes to self-publish their manuscript, a team will help with the book-cover design, marketing and give experienced advice on how to self-publish.

If the writer wants to traditionally publish, the team will help pitch their manuscript to a literary agent or publisher as part of the programme.

Throughout the programme there will be writing workshops run by authors, and the young writers will have the chance to send questions for the authors to answer.

The whole goal of the programme is to provide free resources and services and help young writers finish their novel within three months, find their voice, and get every young writer closer to their dreams.

How long is the programme?

For each writer, this programme goes on for a maximum of three months. So if you start in June, you’ll finish in September.

How can I contribute to this project as a non-writer?

You can share this page on your social media or to friends and family! If you’d like to support this project, sponsor or donate, please contact us at

Can I partnership with this programme?

If you’re a publisher, writing contest, literary agent or author, we’d love to partner with you! Leave us an email at or reach us over @penablenet on Instagram.

Can you recruit me for the team?

Yes! We are currently looking to grow our team, click here to find out more.

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