Author Corner – Interview with Lana Broussard

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Interview with Special Author, Kayla Ann!!

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all having a fantastic Sunday, today we have a special guest, Author, Kayla Ann! Before we start the interview, here is a short bio of Kayla Ann for those who don’t know much about her: Kayla Ann is an English teacher, avid reader, and rising author who just recently releasedContinue reading “Interview with Special Author, Kayla Ann!!”

Interview with Special Award winning Author – K.M Weiland!!

Hey everyone, I hope you’re doing great! So today we have a very special guest on Penable, K.M Weiland, she is an amazing lady and author of several award winning books. She is the creator of helping writers become Authors and even has a channel on YouTube where you can watch videos with writing tips,Continue reading “Interview with Special Award winning Author – K.M Weiland!!”

Special Interview with Author DIDI OVIATT! — Roaring Flames Writing Club

As you know, Penable and the ethereal unicorn have created a writing club. Yesterday, we interviewed a special author, Didi Oviatt!!!! Welcome to the Roaring Flames Writing club! Today, we have a special visitor – Didi Oviatt! Didi Oviatt is a wonderful author, who has published many of her suspenseful stories! You can find herContinue reading “Special Interview with Author DIDI OVIATT! — Roaring Flames Writing Club”