It’s time for a….. Book Review! UNNATURAL CAUSES

Hey guys! So I’m really into books or TV shows with action and adventure and mystery, but recently I have discovered a taste in crime. I watch a lot of shows like NCIS and Hawaii 5 O and Criminal minds and I just can’t get enough. And I’m really into Conspiracy theories and murder andContinue reading “It’s time for a….. Book Review! UNNATURAL CAUSES”

10 signs that you’re just a crazy bookworm!!!!

Hi guys! Now I am definitely just a crazy bookworm and if you show these 5 signs below, then you are too! 1. You keep books under your pillow for special night time emergencies 2. When you go shopping for books, you can never come back with just one 3. You often care about bookContinue reading “10 signs that you’re just a crazy bookworm!!!!”