Thursday poetry competition – the results!

Hello everyone! 😁 Yup, its me again, Phoenix and I’ve come with the results of last week’s comp! The topic was memories and childhood, a very interesting one. Contestants had to write about a memory or a story from when they were little in of course, poetry form. And now the winner…. 🎉🎉🎉 ZAMADLOMO! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉Continue reading “Thursday poetry competition – the results!”

ENTER this COMPETITION and get your work PUBLISHED in our Magazine!!!!

I’m super excited for this. Okay. As you may have heard, I have created a The Penable Magazine 2020 for any aspiring authors out there. It’s full of book reviews, creative writing tips, articles, author interviews, short stories, inspiring quotes and much, much more! It will be out on Amazon kindle books as an ebookContinue reading “ENTER this COMPETITION and get your work PUBLISHED in our Magazine!!!!”

Thursday Poetry Competition!

Calling all writers and poets to our poetry competition! This Thursday’s challenge is…. Isolation! Yep, I picked a hard one – but something we can all relate to and, I hope, write about! Whether its about your boring life at home or what your emotions are feeling – we want to hear your poetry! WhatContinue reading “Thursday Poetry Competition!”