16 AWESOME pictures that you have to write about!

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and safe. Here are some pictures that I think are pretty cool to write about! Give yourself five minutes to write as much as you can about each image, and feel free to send me your work at phoenix@penable.net This will get you writing more, get you to practice writingContinue reading “16 AWESOME pictures that you have to write about!”

Thrilling writing prompts…

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to share some thrilling writing prompts, so get your pens out people! 1. You wake up one night to the sound of Siri. She answers a question that you didn’t ask, but you powered down your phone before you went to bed. And you live alone. 2. You’re searching upContinue reading “Thrilling writing prompts…”

The Anything Is Penable Challenge #3

Hiya everyone, it’s Phoenix here and it’s Sunday which means that we have another challenge! For those who are new, every Sunday we will be doing the Anything is Penable Challenge and anyone can participate! How does it work? We will give you a topic, and sometimes it’s going to be crazy, random topics, to put yourContinue reading “The Anything Is Penable Challenge #3”

A Penable course: Writing a book #1 – TAMING THE START

Hello everyone! For tthose who aren’t aware, I mentioned in my last post that I am going to be starting a writing course to keep you occupied during the COVID 19 which takes you on the journey to starting to finishing your book. I will be going through the course with you guys, along withContinue reading “A Penable course: Writing a book #1 – TAMING THE START”

What happened to Princess? – A Horror Story……

Everybody loves horror. Now I may not be a GREAT horror story writer, but I must admit – I have some pretty creepy tricks up my sleeve…… The idea for me to write a short horror story was from The Book Warrior. She is a great friend and follower and requested for me to makeContinue reading “What happened to Princess? – A Horror Story……”