Write a review for Penable!

Hi everyone! As the end of June is closing in, as usual, I am collecting reviews on how everyone is finding Penable! Please head to our review page here and leave a comment on how you’re finding Penable! Are our tips useful and helpful? Are you having an enjoyable time writing with us? How areContinue reading “Write a review for Penable!”

Send in your feedback for Penable!!!

So at the start of every month I make one of these posts. And i would love to hear all of your thoughts on Penable, what you like abou it what you don’t like about it. And please take our poll: https://penableme.wordpress.com/2020/05/23/take-our-poll/ And maybe want us to do something new, or start something, maybe youContinue reading “Send in your feedback for Penable!!!”