Thursday Poetry Competition!

Calling all writers and poets to our poetry competition! This Thursday’s challenge is…. Isolation! Yep, I picked a hard one – but something we can all relate to and, I hope, write about! Whether its about your boring life at home or what your emotions are feeling – we want to hear your poetry! WhatContinue reading “Thursday Poetry Competition!”

Thursday poetry competition, the results!

Last week we had a poetry competition and the topic was Galaxies. The contestants had to write a poem, their wished length and include something related to the topic. We had a great blogger, you may know her, SaaniaSparkle judge! Her poetry is out of this world and kindly took the offer to become ourContinue reading “Thursday poetry competition, the results!”

Poem: Dreams…

Lying in bed The window open wide Rays of gold from the lamps Dance frenetically inside The flow of a nearby river Hums sweetly in my ear As I stare at the ceiling Filled with moonlight care My eyelids drum against each other Joining with the whispers of the wind The stars blink with loveContinue reading “Poem: Dreams…”